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Zone of Proximal Development: The distance between the actual developmental level of the child by independent problem solving and the level of potential development as determined through problem solving under adult guidance (Vygotsky, p. 86).

 This study focus on the students learning styles that will be preferred in a different ways and showed its necessary for students to understand and learn better. The researchers studying the importance of learning because these are important knowing of their situation in the surroundings and determinants of Academic Performance. Albert Bandura’s social learning theory (1997) introduced how the student engage in social learning behavior and what their observation of the student reacted in their surroundings. In fact, the student learned on how their behavior can affect their situation between teacher and their student. In the study the Social Theory focus in the context of being an emotional response in others, attitude can be the effect of having the conflict with others, and their behavior that can be reflected others.


     The case studies in Singapore, there are academic factors that affect students that having the way of strategies in learning. In the statement, that the learning styles play a small role in academic performance. It can help students to enhance their own learning and encourage self-directed learning. In the study the effect on learning outcomes, it is acceptable that learning styles they can be learn and understand a subject and it is advisable for students to adapt these styles to suit their own learning needs on having a learning style. In the study of Self-efficacy concept is defined a conviction that one can successfully execute the behavior required to produce outcome. It has proven that students high in academic self-efficacy set higher academic goals (Bandura, 1977).

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     By gathering the researchers’ idea, they come up with the topic of Preferred Learning Styles of Grade 12 ABM Students. The researchers chose this topic because they want to know students what are the learning strategies in their class. The purpose of the research is to provide the students some knowledge on how they prefer the things in academic in school and it may help them to focus more on their studies.

     The result of the study will be of great benefit to the following:

          The result of this study will provide information to the students with some knowledge of Preferred Learning Styles of Grade 12 ABM Students and how can they avoid it. This will give students realize that the things that they are addicted to will not be helpful in their studies.

     The collected data would guide the teachers on what to do to let their students focus more on studies. Compile will let them understand why some students are failing and help professors understand the situation of the students that are having a behavior problem in their academics, positive/negativity and sensitivity/insensitivity to student needs.

     Like the teachers, they will also understand how their child failed in class through the given data. This will also let them realize to focus on disciplining their child. They may be able to use the findings of the study for further research and investigation especially on the behavior of the grade 12 students. It will benefit the researchers because of studying the behavior of the students it will give the researchers a grade and able to compile the requirements in their subjects. 

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