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Zero Hunger:Universal Access to Safe and Nutritious FoodKassidy EnglandMrs.DateCGW4UADecember 22nd 2018Zero HungerIntroduction The second goal of the United Nations sustainable development list of 17 problems that need to be solved by 2030 is the Zero Hunger goal. This goal outlines the needs of people across the globe and steps we can take to help. Within their huge goal of ending all forms of world hunger the United Nations have specific targets they want to reach as well in the topic of world hunger. Some of these include ending all types of malnutrition, as well as doubling agricultural productivity of incomes of medium and small-scale food producers and more, to maintain the genetic diversity of seeds, to increase investment and more.Rationale for Goal and Target Selection Food is a key component to life, without food human beings would not be be able to survive over a month. This is why it is extremely important to assume that everyone in the world is getting the right amount of nutritious and healthy foods to guarantee they can survive. It’s very important to be living a healthy lifestyle, this all starts with the food people are consuming. Eating healthy makes sure that the individual is strong enough to get the day’s task done, this includes family needs, working a job and more. If undernourished or unhealthy foods are being consumed the tasks that need to be done will be completed poorly or not at all, this means that overall many people can be affected by undernourishment. An example of this is a teacher, the job of a teacher is to assure that they are teaching their students how to survive out in the real world. This includes things like math, science, english and more. If the teacher isn’t teaching to the best of their ability the student’s futures will be affected. Another huge reason of why making sure that the world has access to safe and nutritious foods is to make sure the children will be nourished properly. The children of the world now will carry the earth forward for future generations, so it’s very important for the kids to be strong to carry this huge weight on their shoulders. Kids that are undernourished can grow up to have serious developmental issues if they even make it at all. So a main goal of ours is to make sure that there is universal access to safe and nutritious food, especially for the children. The children of today will be the adults of the next generation so it’s very important to assure that the world’s population can be strong enough to sustain us now and in future years.National Strategies and InitiativesPoint #1 Canada’s donation programsCanada has many donation programs that people can donate canned foods and other non perishable items to in order to help someone in need. These donation programs run in many places like with schools, churches, grocery stores and more. If the person donating does not want to go the food route, they can also donate money towards foods that the organization will buy and provide for families. This will help people who are undernourished. These foods are given to families until they can better provide for themselves. Food banks Canada is a national charitable organization representing the food banks network in Canada. While many people are aware of their local food bank they may not know just how large the network of food banks across the country is. Food banks in Canada represent ten provincial associations, more than 500 affiliated food banks and over 3000 food agencies. They support the network in a number of ways including large scale food donations, financial support, they also provide support through awareness raising campaigns that increase the profile of the issue of hunger and through advocacy work, find long term solutions. ( Food banks strive to follow the Canada food guide so that the most nutritional foods are available to people in need.( The chart above shows how many people that the organization Food Banks Canada have helped across all the provinces and territories. For each location, percentages are given to show how many people have been assisted and out of that percentage, how many were children. Point #2 Canada’s Research Fund Canada’s Research Fund is striving to work with developing countries and other sources to help combat poverty which is heavily linked with the worldwide hunger issue that we are currently trying to eliminate. Their goal is to generate knowledge, new skills, tactics, tools, family practices and more to put a stop to hunger around the world. In order to do this Canada’s Research Fund must determine exactly what is required in a particular location. For example if the soil in the specific place isn’t suitable for growing the organization will determine deficiencies and a course of action. As an example, farmers in Ethiopia are now growing high-yield and nutritious varieties of pulses in vulnerable dry areas. By combining improved varieties and better management techniques, research has helped farmers increase soil fertility. Reduce carbon and water footprints and improve nutrition.( Canada provides human expertise and financial aid to third world countries in an effort to help make them self sufficient.Point #3 Trans Africa Pipeline Project (desalination) On July 2, 2008 University of Toronto professor, Rod Tennyson and his wife, Daphne Lavers watched the live8 concert bringing attention to poverty in Africa. They had a dream of building a water pipeline and so it was born. This massive project would be a 14.7 billion dollar proposal to build an 8000 km water pipeline across the Sahel region of Africa from the Atlantic on the west to the Red Sea on the east.The pipeline would feature desalination plants on each coast and a series of solar powered pumping stations along the way.It would provide 800,000 cubic metres of water each day to the tens of millions of inhabitants of the region. Desalination is a process by which salt is removed from sea water to produce fresh water. In doing so, people across this vast area are afforded the opportunity of planting and growing their own crops thus eliminating starvation and dependency on first world countries. ( The chart above shows where the Trans Africa Pipeline will start and end, highlighting which specific locations the pipeline will travel through.Global Strategies and InitiativesPoint #1 United Nations The United Nations have put together 17 goals to improve the world, one of them being the Zero Hunger goal, this goal is working towards ending undernutrition for everyone around the world by 2030. Other goals of theirs include making sure that all of the food people are receiving is nutritious and healthy, doubling the agricultural productivity, increasing investment in agriculture and more. The United Nations Sustainable development Goals organization is one of the best programs because of the way they broke down each aspect of the issue to tackle it one day at a time. ( #2 Action Against Hunger Action Against Hunger’s plan is to end hunger through the prevention, detection and treatment of undernutrition especially during and after emergency situations take place. Examples of this are like natural disasters and wars. They are a non profit organization that was formed all the way back in 1979. Their purpose is to end all forms of child malnutrition while providing many communities in need with access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger. This program has many locations with headquarters including New York USA, Toronto Canada, London UK, Paris France, Madrid Spain and more locations to come. So overall Action Against Hunger wants to help people all over the world by partnering with the leaders of the food and beverage world to really raise awareness and bring attention to global hunger. ( #3 India National Security ActIndia’s recent national food security act will help over 800 million people gain the access and support they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle by getting the food they require. Their national food security act is going to be mainly providing food like rice and wheat. These foods have a high resistance to climate induced disasters.(  This is a very good plan to have because one of the reasons why so many people lack the food needed to sustain themselves and their families is due to natural disasters. These disasters can knock out a entire farms in a matter of seconds and so, the vision is to provide these  communities with food that have a really high resistance to such calamities. Effectiveness of Current National Strategies, Initiatives and ProgramsPoint #1 Canada’s Donation ProgramsFood Banks Canada donates non perishable food items to canadian’s around the world which helps many people in tough times. But in addition Food Banks Canada also provides other things for families like milk, eggs, bread and more. They wanted to make sure these people in need get fresh food as well. Non perishable food items are good but it is very important for everyone to consume fresh food as well. This is why thirty eight percent of the food that was donated are fresh options. So this is very effective because people are not just getting the food they need, it is fresh food being given. Point #2 Canada’s Research Fund Being a member nation of the United Nations, Canada is expected, if not obliged to provide monies, expertise, technology etc to developing countries around the world. Being one of the wealthiest nations when it comes to natural resources etc, Canada can, should and does step up to provide required assistance to needy nations. The Canada Research Fund exists to do just that. Their mandate is to initiate, encourage, support and conduct research into the problems of developing regions of the world and into the means for applying and adapting scientific, technical and other knowledge to the economic and social advancements of those regions. ( #3 Trans Africa Pipeline Project (desalination)Because of existing climates in African regions which include extended droughts, growing crops is extremely difficult and often impossible. The lack of fresh water is predominately why locals are unable to provide for themselves. When the Trans Africa Pipeline Project became an idea, it was considered to be a solution to end devastating drought. TAP is an 8000 km long fresh water pipeline which will provide clean drinking water to the millions of inhabitants in the 11 countries of the African Sahel. The largest humanitarian civil engineering project of the 21st century, TAP will construct large scale desalination plants on the west and east coasts of Africa and regional tank farms and pumping stations for water storage and distribution. Using a combination of new solar technologies and wind turbines, TAP will be carbon neutral, develop its own power sources, and pump approximately 400,000 cubic metres per day of clean, potable, fresh water from each African coast across 11 Sahel countries.( of Current Global Strategies, Initiatives or Programs Point #1 United NationsProgress is being made in the battle against hunger. There is, however, still much to do as there are yet unreasonable sizable populations absent the required food needed for achieving and maintaining their health.. It is estimated that approximately 800 million people, worldwide are undernourished. From 2014 – 16 one in nine people did not acquire the quantity of food required to sustain a healthy and vigorous life. Unavailability of nutrition is in fact the primary risk to health in the world. In 1996 at the World Food Summit in Rome, Italy, 182 governments avowed to end hunger in all countries. Their immediate goal was to reduce the number of malnourished to half their present level no later than 2015. Secondly, they formulated the First Millennium Development Goal of cutting by 50% the number of people suffering from hunger by 2015. ( The chart above indicates, worldwide, the number of people suffering from persistent hunger.Point #2 Action Against HungerCharity Navigator is a U.S.A. based, independent charity watchdog organization. They evaluate charitable organizations in the the United States. ( From 2010 to 2016, Action Against Hunger has been awarded  Charity Navigator’s top rating of four stars. This rating indicates Action Against Hunger’s strong financial health, their commitment to accountability and transparency. This reputation is of vital importance as contributors need to know that Action Against Hunger is trustworthy. Action Against Hunger boasts over 6000 field staff, seasoned professionals and technical experts in the areas of water, food security, sanitation, public health and nutrition. They are recognized as world leaders in the fight against hunger and their involvement has lasted for almost three decades. ( #3 India National Security ActIndia’s National Food Security Bill had the objective of guaranteeing cheap food grain to almost 70% of the 1.2 billion people who live there with the aim of alleviating chronic hunger and poverty. Many have considered the bill to be a colossal failure and attribute this to the fact that the bill primarily focussed on food intake alone. They failed to consider the different nutritional needs of children. They neglected to take into account that needs can and do vary according to age and gender. Food alone does not solve the problem as children require a more holistic set of solutions. ( GoalHow children of Africa and Asia specifically, are being physically underdeveloped due to the lack of food the consume everyday. Also the learning goal will focus on how this issue will  affect future generations and the world overall when our generations are gone for good. Rationale for Selection of Personal Learning GoalReasoning for this learning goal is to find out what will happen to our world when these children grow up. Predictions are that the children of today will grow up to be very weak or have life long diseases if they make it at all. As healthy citizens of our world it’s our job to help these children out because they most definitely cannot fend for themselves. This is very important because all of the children in the world will grow up to be the adults that carry this earth forward for future generations, so we need them to be as strong as possible. Another important detail that cannot be overlooked it that the adults of the next generation need to be able to sustain themselves alone without our surrender generation supporting them. So overall the learning goal is to find out how we can sustain the children of today now and for later in the specific areas of Africa and Asia and to also look more in depth about the diseases that go along with malnutrition.( This chart shows where the most people struggling with undernutrition live, the places that are struggling the most are Asia and Africa. This is why it’s a good idea to really get to know about these locations so the help that is needed can be given.Information Discovered About Personal Learning Goal SelectedMalnutrition is when your body does not get enough nutrients to function properly. Lack of food or an unbalanced diet insufficient in nutrients lead to a dangerous condition. Malnutrition ‘s effects include marasmus which is a protein-energy deficiency characterized by  severe weight loss, hair loss and periods of apathy. Stunting is a long term effect of malnutrition which hinders a child’s ability to grow normally.  Stunted growth means that a child might not achieve normal height or weight and can also adversely hinder brain development in early stages of life. These are but a few conditions caused by malnutrition in children. There are many others. ( are our future. They will one day be called upon to take over where we leave off when it comes to forging ahead and making nations strong. They will need to be of strong mind and body in order to accomplish the best for their fellow citizens. When they grow up suffering the scourge of malnutrition, they are behind the 8 ball and so it is imperative that all citizens of the world unite to fight and win this battle. Conclusion Simply put, organizations such as Food Banks Canada, Canada Research Fund. Trans Africa Pipelines Project, United Nations, Action Against Hunger and countless others, regardless of the wonderful work they do, cannot do it alone,. Required is a worldwide, collective effort.Citations”Food Banks Canada.” FOODBANKS. N.p., 2018. Web. 5 Jan. 2018.”IDRC – International Development Research Centre.” IDRC – International Development Research Centre. N.p., 2018. Web. 5 Jan. 2018.”This U Of T Engineer Wants To Build An 8,000-Kilometre Water Pipeline – Across Africa.” University of Toronto News. N.p., 2018. Web. 5 Jan. 2018.”Welcome To The United Nations.” N.p., 2018. Web. 5 Jan. 2018.”Action Against Hunger | ACF-USA – Ending World Hunger & Malnutrition.” N.p., 2018. Web. 5 Jan. 2018.”The World Economic Forum.” World Economic Forum. N.p., 2018. Web. 5 Jan. 2018.: “US News, Breaking News And Headlines – Wall Street Journal.” N.p., 2018. Web. 5 Jan. 2018.”Pinterest.” Pinterest. N.p., 2018. Web. 5 Jan. 2018″Hungercount Report | Food Banks Canada.” FOODBANKS. N.p., 2018. 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