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quote below because it seemed to pop out at me. You will see why:
A boy of maybe fifteen turned to us with tears rolling down his cheeks. I would have fought! I wouldn’t have given up! Father stooped down to pick up a small bruised petal from the brick pavement; tenderly he inserted it in his buttonhole.
That is good my son, he told the youngster. Holland’s battle has just begun.
This could be described as the introduction of World War II. Corrie Ten Boom and her father are standing outside listening to the dreadful news that Holland had surrendered to the Germans. The Ten Booms have a hunch that many terrible things are now going to take place.

To me this section is one of the most important parts of this true story. It is marking a major event in history that has affected many lives. That interaction between that strong young boy and a weak old man popped out at me! I was impressed with the fifteen year old and how he would not have given up. That is why I selected this quote.

It hit me how Holland knew bad times were ahead but also knew that they couldn’t do much to prevent it. It was like they just had to sit back and let themselves be rationed, to give up their radios and every other resource of news, to have every move that they made be watched. To me it felt like their freedom was being taken away. It is their attitudes that have amazed me and impressed me so far. The Ten Booms have constructed a secret room in their house to hide Jews. They have made connections so that they could secretly keep and handout ration cards to those who had to go hungry. I am so pleased with their bravery and faith. I know that much more is going to happen so I am anxiously awaiting.

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