“You of those beliefs and influences. If we

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“You can’t always control what happens, but you can always control how you deal with it”

Ever want to control what happens? Control how you respond? Control your instant reactions to associate with the Nursing incident? Sounds solely magic? It’s possible. With science and technology overtaking everything, impossibilities are not possible. Neuro-Linguistic programming brings a thread of control in own hands. But what exactly it means?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a reputation that encompasses the 3 most powerful elements concerned in manufacturing human experience: neurology, language and programming. The neurologic system determines the way our body should perform, language tells our way of interface and communication with others and our programming determines what models of a world we tend to produce. Neuro-Linguistic Programming describes the basic relationship between mind (neuro) and language (linguistic) and the strategy by which their interaction affects our body and behaviour (programming).

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a technique for controlling your feelings and emotions. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions are not a things that we simply have, but they are actually a things that we simply do. Their causes are most often difficult for example, comments or beliefs from our parents or teachers, or events which we simply practise. NLP shows you the way you’ll be able to take control of those beliefs and influences. If we will take help of mind techniques like visualization then our way of thinking as well as the feeling of concerning past events, fears and even phobias may get change.

The importance of knowing our outcome cannot be stressed enough. Many of us don’t have acutely aware outcomes. They understand what they do not need but do not know what they need. Their life relies on moving far from those things that they do not need. NLP stresses the importance of stuff that we need. Without outcomes, life becomes a process of wandering without aim. Once an outcome is decided you’ll be able to begin to concentrate on achieving that outcome.

The operational principle of IP is to check our behaviour until we do not get that respond which we want. If everything turns out badly, then you need to try and do accomplish differently. We should use our sensory acuity to determine whether our actions is leading in right direction or not. If your actions lead towards your outcome, you should continue. If vice-versa happens then we should do something else.

The fourth operational principle of NLP is to take action in the present time. There is no place for the catchword ‘Complacency rules and that I do not care.’ IP is about taking action now to change behaviour for you and for others, now and in the future. So, to use another catchphrase: ‘Don’t delay; act today.’

NLP now is in its fourth decade as a field of study symbolizing the relationship between the brain, body and language. It has evolved over the years and we’re heading toward a new direction, with a lot of areas adopting IP and making its best use to achieve extraordinary results, by not only communicating better with others but also gaining additional control on our thinking was an automatic function of our neurology.

In future, IP will continue to be used in the areas higher than, and more to return. It will be common to see IP is applied in more everyday areas.

The exciting thing is the application of NLP in schools. The unhappy reality of the moment is that we have a tendency to leave it up to the scholars to work out the way to learn. Once actually, a large range of those learning methods that inexperienced students concoct is ineffective. And once the work overflows, several of those students take it upon themselves and assuming something is wrong with them. The truth is that they do not know any higher and expect completely different results. And once that does not work, they devalue learning, the college and eventually, the complete education system. NLP intervention will facilitate here. Lecturers are often equipped and coached with NLP methods not only for regular students but also for those with special wants, learning disabilities, dyslexia, etc.

                                                                                      -by Navin Dhamriyani (D15)


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