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Yasser Arafat: A man of courage and conviction
AT 2:30 (GMT), an eerie silence shrouded the military hospital in Paris. A hope, an inspiration, a man of courage and convictions died. Yasser Arafat (1929-2004), president of Palestinian National Organization (PNO), chairman of Palestine liberation organization (PLO) and Nobel laureate (1994), who had led the Palestinian people in their efforts for statehood, dignity and self-esteem demised at the age of 75.
Yasser Arafat was born in Egypt or Jerusalem (historically accounts varies) but was raised in Egypt, Jerusalem and Gaza strip. When Israel occupied Gaza strip in Arab-Israel war (1948-1949), he fled to Egypt with refugee exodus and earned an engineering degree from Cairo University in 1956. Obsessed with Palestine independence leaded him into politics chairing the Palestine Students Union. In 1960, he founded Fatah and eventually managed to unite all political fractions in Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to galvanize solidarity and national integrity. In 1969, he became the chairman and commander-in-chief of PLO, gaining an identity as a leader of the Palestinian nationalist movement.
With the advent of PLO, the fight gained the momentum but was defeated time and again by the Israeli force. The major set back was the six-day war in which the Arabs suffered a devastating defeat by the losing control of the West Bank, Gaza strip and the Golan Heights region of Syria to Israel. On the verge of extinction of the Palestine from the world map, Arafat single handily handled the hope to people, which no one could. With him, PLO achieve several diplomatic victories like Arab League summit meeting in Rabat, Morocco in 1974 which recognized it as “sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian People” and United Nations address in December 1974.On his address he pleaded for the Independent Palestine state.
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