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Civil Defense and Race Relations in World War Two
Civil defense and race relations were two current topics during World War Two. There was a plethora of racism throughout the country at this time. At the same time because of the possible threat of bombings by Hitler's Luftwaffe or his new age V-rockets there was the issue of civil defense.
Certain races during the Second World War discriminated against. One of the races that faced this discrimination was the Japanese-Americans. The Japanese-Americans had done nothing wrong, but the biased views of many Americans of European heritage caused this terrible discrimination. Many Americans saw the Japanese-Americans as a threat to their national security. Most of the Japanese-Americans were United States born citizens. Even though the Japanese-Americans were discriminated against over 8,000 young Japanese-Americans were eventually drafted into service by the end of the war.
Many Japanese-Americans were put into internment camps. These camps had many striking resemblances to the German concentration camps. There were camps in six states along the west coast. The Japanese-Americans were rounded up, especially along the west coast and put into these camps. These people had already been discriminated against before the war but with the attack on Pearl Harbor bitterness arose in America. The camps were usually old army tents set up in the desert. The people were fed little and held under strict watch.
In early 1942 President Roosevelt gave into the military leaders complaints and gave the okay to round up the Japanese Americans and place them in the camps. These Americans were forced to sell there houses in a very short period of time. They usually had to sell their homes a very low price in order to sell them before they were put into the camps. Many Japanese-American business men were also forced to sell their business at very low prices to avoid the being seized by

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