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World War I was to end all wars.The people of that generation truly believed that the aftermath of WWI had been destructive and painful for everyone.However, within almost thirty years racism, hatred and a man by the name of Hitler, who will remain one of the most ruthless men in history, sprung into existence like a vicious serpent.Even today his name alone is spine chilling and puts fear in people's hearts.He spread his poisonous venom (anti – Semitism) and killed millions of people– including
6 000 000 Jews.He was the very essence of Nazism.Terror was present in each of the countries under Nazi domination.Poland was the setting of the holocaust. The Nazis, with their white supremacist mentality, brought forth the German Nazi decreed and hatred toward the Jews:"You have no right to live." Why?Many factors contributed to why Hitler despised the Jewish race.The Jews – not the Romans – were blamed for the crucifixion of Christ, they were labeled as greedy, and they were blamed for Germany's loss in WWI.Hitler attempted to create the "ideal" German nation and anyone with imperfections, Jewish people included, was reduced to all that was bad and immoral.Hitler was full of hatred and vengeance against the Jewish race. He developed a method of control called the "ghetto".This is where most of the Jewish people were forced to reside.The ghettos were sealed and often surrounded with barbed wire or walls. Jewish men, women and children were not allowed to leave the ghetto without authorization.Their businesses, their homes, even their values, hopes, and dreams were taken away from them and they believed that these were truly the worst living conditions they would possibly encounter.They were later placed in concentration camps, humiliated, laughed at, tortured, and burned in cremation ovens for no apparent reason other than hatred.The Holocaust…

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