The attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 marked the involvement of the United States of America into World War Two (II).The domineering of the German and Italian powers, as well as the attack by the Japanese threatened the freedom and democracy of the United States.As the young men of America were shipped off to war, they, as well as their families questioned their purpose in the battle.In time it was all too evident that the men, women, and children of the United States were to serve a crucial role in fighting World War II.From saving scrap metal, to working in factories, or fighting on the front lines; the efforts by so many facilitated in the fall of the Third Reich and other Axis powers.Never before had a nation worked together in such great scale to achieve a significant goal.The war would be lengthy and ruthless, and would not be won easily.Thousands of Americans were lost in unrelenting, unsympathetic, and grisly battles on land, water, and in the air. By the conclusion of World War II, combat hardened soldiers and civilians would have contrasting views about the preceding war, and the United State's involvement.A great nation had triumphed, yet at an immense cost to its people and the people of the other war torn nations.
World War II took place on the home front as well as the battlefields in France, etc.Although, no combat ever took place on American soil, the war involved each American, young and old."It was the greatest thing since the Crusades.The patriotic fervor was such at the beginning that if'The Start Spangled Banner' came on the radio, everybody in the room would stand at attention" (120).Citizens tried to involve themselves in the war any way possible.Dellie Hahne, a young girl living in California, joined the Red Cross to become a nurse.To Dellie and her female companions, the war prompted excitement and social entertainment (with the soldiers) that never existe…

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