Wars are outbreaks of violence between opposing sides.Wars are fought because of beliefs, political views, power control, and many other motives. The World War of 1914-18 "The Great War" as some call it was thefirst man made catastrophe of the 20th century. This war raises many question such as, why it happened, how was the society and people, what where the international gains and loses, and how did the war effect the world order of the 20th century.With all these questions one thing is certain, World War One was a major foundation for the world we live in today.
Some factors on why the war happened were that every country was in competition for recourses and markets.So there was resentment towards imperialist nations.Nationalism played another big role. This brought the idea that the nation belonged to the people, and should be ready to defend and support it.Since the Ottoman Empire was over thrown by nationalist revolts, this encouraged nationalist groups in Austria-Hungary to rise up in the hope they too might soon achieve their independence. They wanted independence because Austria-Hungary was made ofmany ethnic groups which they felt were being treated unfairly, and wanted a nation of there own.It was with this view that the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo. Serbian nationalist the Black Hand where the leading activists behind the assassination. Another reason why the Archduke might have been assassinated was because no one was heir to the thorn after him. So power was up for grabs.This event was the key starting point for the war.
Alliances were another flaw on why the war started.Alliances were started to help nations who were in need, and this made nations safety depended on these alliances.All alliances did were weaken nations and causes them to do foolish things.Such as getting involved with other nations problems.So when Serbia attacked Aus

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