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In the time period of 1939 to 1945, the world was involved in a crisis known as World War II.On December 7, 1941, the Japanese armed forces bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii resulting in the decision of the United States to enter into the war. ("Depression", 1)The United States was effected in many aspects as a result of being in World War II, in both positive and negative ways.
World War II meant the need for many men to join the armed forces.When these men went off to war they left their country, families, friends, and also their jobs.With all the jobs being, left their is a need for employees to keep the country running.The women of the United States are called to take on the jobs that the American men once had. Some of these jobs included: fire fighting, welding, riveting, operating drill presses, and driving taxi cabs. (Giampaoli, "Arms", 3)Programs were established, hoping to attract the women to the workforce. Some programs tried to " glamorize war work, as well as stress the importance of women working in non-traditional jobs." (Giampaoli, "Arms", 1)The women that worked in the war are called "production soldiers" due to the role that they played in manufacturing many of the supplies used by the soldiers. (Giampaoli, "Arms", 2)The war had created a "wartime economy that had given women more freedom than they had ever had before." (Giampaoli, "Women", 1)When the men returned home after the war they were surprised to see that many of the women did not want to return to their jobs of being housewives, in fact a survey by the Women's Bureau concluded that three-fourths of the women who worked during the war said they planned to continue working. (Giampaoli, "Women", 1)The effects of the war on the women turned out to be good for them because it opened up many opportunities for them, although bad for the males because man…

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