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The cause of World War 1 was the assassination of the heir to the Austrian throne. There was a trigger of events that lead to which would never have happened if the Heir to the Austrian throne were never assassinated.
At the time of World War 1 there was 2 main alliances consisting of 3 independent countries. Thefirst alliance was the triple alliance. This alliance consisted of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, Germany and Italy. The second alliance was the triple Entent it was made up of France, great Briton and Russia. There was also an arms race to get the biggest army and naval forces. This meant increased military and naval spending. There were huge juggernaughts being built with more destructive weapons being built. Germany wanted to become a super power and with the Colonial/Economical rivalry it was an absolute set up for a war.
Russia and Serbia have always been close via common ethnic heritage. Germany and Austro-Hungary were strong allies with strong military powers both looking for a chance to expand their Empires. France and Germany have been fighting even before World War 1. France, Russia and England had an alliance and England had yet another treaty with Belgium. These were two hostile alliance systems that were waiting for war.
The assassination of the Heir to the Austrian-Hungarian throne Archduke Ferinand and his wife Sophie while touring Sarajevo was the Austro-Hungarian chance to expand. They sent out a list of demands and Serbia meat all but one, to allow Austro-Hungarian investigators to investigate the assassination plot. This list of demands were purposely made so that Serbia would not be able to comply. That was a good enough reason, Austro-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Next Germany declared war on Russia because Russia was allied with Serbia. After 2 days Germany declared war on France and marched right over neutral Belgium. England declared war on Germany because of

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