Wrongly to thousands of these wrongly convicted criminals

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Wrongly Convicted Imagine a world of people who were accused on a crime they didn’t do but had to serve punishment because there was no way out of it. Being accused of committing a crime that was not attended but still being wrongfully convicted even with innocence has affected the United States as today. People should pay more attention to thousands of these wrongly convicted criminals because thousands of these suspects are unable to afford lawyers, lack the need of DNA testing & lawyers not doing their jobs correctly.

There are plenty of reasons why wrongfully convicted criminals are an issue to me. I myself had personal experiences dealing with being wrongfully accused when my uncle and I were pulled over due to a mechanical problem of the car, we received a fix-it ticket where a certain part of a car must be fixed and renewed. My uncle was taken to court to brief the case and my uncle was fined $1000 dollars as an 18 year old.

He did not want to argue even though he had logic explanation why the car was having technical issues and did not also have a lawyer because he recently just graduated and had no job. It is unfair that he had to deal with the punishment and without even having a debate; this shows the lack of how much court contribute to help this injustice. Thousands of suspects wrongly convicted are unable to afford lawyers because they are pressured to accept guilty pleas.

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The study by a committee of United States’ largest lawyer group reports that legal representation of indigents is in a so called, “state of crisis”. Basically, the defendants are at constant risk of wrongful conviction & unjust punishment including death penalty. Because of this, the majority of the time defendants please guilty, even if they are innocent without understanding their legal rights. Picture a homeless mother who has two children that she repeatedly takes to a child care every day from six in the morning and seven in the night.

She has to constantly look for an open area, where no one passes by to sleep with her and her two children. At that night, she took vacancy in a subway restroom. The next day, she is charged on committing a crime by sleeping in that area, but she is innocent because that area was not legally owned & is fined $1,000 dollars. She is an indigent homeless mother who cannot afford to pay that fine; so is she taken upon court being guilty, leaving her two children behind to child service. There is nothing she can do as she gets wrongfully convicted and put into custody.

Prosecutors should use more DNA Test so they can be 100% certain that the person their accusing is in fact guilty of the crime. This is a very important action to do because if they take time to conduct more DNA Test it can prevent a lot of wrongly convictions. An example would be, Brandon Moon of Kansas City, Montana who served nearly 17 years for the rape of an El Paso woman before DNA test determined he was not responsible. Another example is when Ryan Matthews a Louisiana man who sat on death row for five years before he was exonerated.

More than 150 people who were convicted in 31 states served a total of 1,800 years in prison for crime s they did not commit. All were exonerated due to DNA evidence. Lawyers are not doing their job right. Lawyers choose to refuse to new work cases, if workloads are so excessive that it would impair their defense preparation. In the South of United States, quoted, “meet ‘em and plead ‘em lawyers” where lawyers often negotiate a plea agreement the first day they meet their clients. These lawyers are not hired from the clients but given to the clients.

Now the reports show that these kinds of lawyers often do not defend their client well, they do not care and does not act upon a real lawyer. In 2006 President Bush called for more training for lawyers who represent accused innocent people. Bush noticed the rise of wrongfully convicted crimes rising and lawyers were the ones to blame. Without lawyers doing their job how are the wrongfully convicted, innocent people will be proven innocent? It all ties to basically no chance for those innocent victims to be pleaded not guilty.

There is no hope for them so they plead guilty on purpose. Their lawyer is all they have to prove innocence. If they don’t even have rightful lawyers, however are wrongfully convicted people that are innocent going to be saved? One of my counter arguments has to be the lack of the concern of this growing problem. A spokesman named Berman quoted, “Needless to say, criminals or accused criminals are not a very powerful lobby or a group that particularly draws sympathy for more dollars and cents. ”

In counter to argue is the work ability of the judges. Some judges in written reports do not contribute or help in this injustice. The report also pointed to negligent or otherwise unprepared lawyers, leading to faulty convictions or more serious punishment. In conclusion human society should be more aware of the accusing and prevent people being wrongfully convicted again. It could be anyone, your parents, your friends and your family, it happens, humans make mistakes but it is the society’s duty to do something about it.

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