I were in a festive mood and

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I was put in charge of the purchase of the various food articles along with my class teacher. That evening itself we purchased the necessary food items with the money provided by the Headmaster.

The picnic spot was an old riverbed, about a kilometer away from the school. The students began to arrive at the spot by nine in the morning. At 10.00 a.m., a count of the students was taken. 780 students had arrived for the picnic.

Only ten students were absent and their names were noted down for record sake. The day was an ideal one for picnic with bright sunshine all round. All were in a festive mood and the air was filled with music and shouts of children enjoying themselves. Some were seen dancing to the tune of the tape while most were enjoying the thrill of a free day to themselves. Light refreshment was served soon after the count and preparation for the lunch commenced soon after this.

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Students of Class IX & VIII were entrusted with the task of cooking, while the students of Class VII were given the task of collecting firewood from the near-by forest, for cooking. The lunch was ready at 1.00 p.m and it was served class wise so as to avoid all confusion. It was so interesting to eat the meal under the open sky, in the company of friends, and music. All enjoyed the meal.

Soon after the lunch we had a dance competition for everyone, including the staff. More than 30 students participated. It was a lively show with girls trying to out do the boys in dance. At the end the girls were the winners carrying away majority of the prizes.

However, the most exciting and interesting part of the show was the superb dance performances put up by some of the teachers. Their splendid performances evoked loud cheers and thunderous claps from all present. Even our Headmaster, a serious man by nature, roared with laughter when he saw the lively performances of his colleagues.

The memorable picnic came to an end with the serving of tea and some refreshment at 3.30 p.m. We didn’t realise how quickly time had gone by. After the final count of the students, all the students departed from the venue with a happy smile and with words of ‘Thank you’ to all who had made it a happy day. As for me it was one of the most exciting and lively picnics, I had ever attended.

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