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My report is on the Weapons of World War Two. There are many weapons in world war 2 but im going to go over just a few of the weapons that made the greatest effect on the oppositions. Here are a few weapons that the allies had that made the greatest affect against the opposition.
The T-34 was by far the best tank design in world war 2. In addition to having an excellent combination of firepower, armor, mobility, its superb design, which made it very simle anddurability. Thismade it possible to mass produce it in enormous numbers, and gave it very high field and combat reliability, two critical attributes which the advanced german tanks lacked. It was the main war winning weapon of Russia in world war 2.(
As a result of the need for an all-purpose main battle tank, the T-34 was developed as a medium tank descendant of those fast light tanks, but designed to be a capable main battle tank. The T-34 was lower in height than german and american tanks, which was better in using the terrain for taking cover and make it a smaller target to hit. It had sloped armor in both the front and side hull and the turret, which made it harder to penetrate, and of course it had a powerful 76mm gun, which was then a large caliber, and sufficiently thick armor. During world war 2 the gun of the T-34 was upgraded to a more powerful long-barrel 76mm gun and later to 85mm gun, to keep up with the advances in german tank guns and armor. (
The germans were shocked when they met thefirst T-34 tanks in combat when they invaded Russia. The germans so appreciated the performance of the T-34 that when the german military discussed the development of their next tank, the Panther, one of the suggested designs was simply a german copy of the T-34. The Panther was just a mock up of the T-34 which was also the best tank the germans had.(
There were only small n…

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