Europe their colonial territories (and the wealth they

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Europe will never be like America. Europe is a product of history. America
is a product of philosophy.
Margaret Thatcher (1925 – )
In the year nineteen hundred, the center of world power inarguably
resided in Europe.In fact, for many centuries, many European countries
were the heads of vast empires, spanning the globe (and reaping her
spoils)â€"for, although spread to the ends of the earth, European nations
held firm control of their colonial territories (and the wealth they
acquired through them), and enjoyed an influence over the majority of the
world’s population.World War II changed all of that, and would go on to
impact the future of the Western world.
What took the nations of Europe centuries to acquire through war,
conquest, and treaty, proved to topple exponentially faster than its rise,
and the close of the Second World War heralded the end of, not only “the
age of empires,” but of the age of European supremacy in the world.In
fact, by the end of 1990, just forty-five years later, Europe would be
virtually unrecognizable from its former self.
Physically, the Second World War had a staggering effect on the
infrastructure of countless cities.From bombed out buildings, to mined
fields, to decimated bridges, roads and vital systems, Europe had to
Socially, the toll of untold human suffering weighed down an entire
generation with its pain;;;for, unlike the vast number of American war dead,
the majority of those killed in Europe were civilian;;;millions of men,
women, and children;;;lost to the horrors of the holocaust, horrific bombing
Economically, the impact of the War on Europe was immense.Before the
War, Europe was one of the richest continents on the earth.Aft

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