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World War I lasted from 1914 to 1918.It was a traumatic time in the world, especially for the families of the soldier's whose lives were lost.Over 10 million soldiers were killed and over 20 million were injured.In the beginning, the men were happy to enlist, but once they reached the battlefield, they realized it was not child's play any more. These soldiers fought hard to fight for there country, putting their lives at stake. They had to leave their family and friends behind.Soldiers did not have very much time to write letters to their family and it was very difficult to get mail back to the states.It was also difficult to get mail to the soldiers from their loved ones.We must always remember the brave men that fought for our freedom.
Scenery was not the most delightful during W.W.I.It was not your everyday view of beautiful green pastures, fall leaves or sunsets.It was the complete opposite.Dark, gray skies and piles of dirt, blood and bodies were scattered across the fields.Holes used as trenches, that men sometimes had to dig with their bare hands. No building was left untouched, just about every building was destroyed or damaged.At times it got so thick and smoky, you could not see five feet in front of you.Come ran or shine they fought in all conditions.Whether it was day or night it did not seem to stop them.Most soldiers lost track of time a week or two into battle.It was not much of a view at all beyond the barbwire that was piled up in front of the trenches.There were so many bodies you could barely see the ground.
The Germans fought their battle wearing green uniforms with a metal helmet that had a spike coming out of the top.Each soldier had a pair of black leather boots that were theirs to keep. If their boots were worn through, ripped, or torn they wore not given a new pair.They had to make due with what they had.They wore black belts to hold ext

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