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World War I was a war that broke out in August 1914 when peace was shattered throughout Europe after the death of Francis Ferdinand. The Great War lasted from 1914 to 1918. One side was the allies France, Britain, Russia, and the United States. On the other side were the central powers Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey. The main causes of the war were the imperialist, territorial, and economic rivalries of the great powers. In addition Germany was determined to establish itself as the dominant power in Europe, and want to have supreme naval power. World War I was thefirst modern war with the use of new weapons that were employed, innovative propaganda campaigns, and the developments that occurred on the home front.
The First World War from the beginning the war was out if hand, and new styles of warfare were producing new kinds of horror and unprecedented levels of suffering and death. They had to escape from machine guns and artillery so soldiers dug into the ground to survive. This lead to the line of trenches that stretched from the western front. The beginning of the war was devastating because many people were still wearing the brightly colored uniforms that they wore in the war before. The were these uniforms atfirst because of past armies who had to so you wouldn't shoot your allies. But with the invention of long-range guns, machine guns, and smokeless power the bright uniforms made the soldiers more visable and easier to shoot. The people in World War I had to train themselves in this type of fighting since it was new to all of them. They were trained in the cavalry. In addition, to the new artillery they also had tanks, which would become a valuable offensive weapon; and airplanes were developed which would dramatically change the course of the war. The horrors of gas warfare werefirst introduced in 1915.
It was created as a terror weapon meant to instill confusion and panic. But late…

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