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It was like watching a movie. I had turned the TV on to witness the most horrific
scene. I was watching a jet aircraft head straight into the second tower of
the World Trade Center, exploding on contact. What once were the homes to thousands
of office dwellers, in less than a New York minute, vanished into thin air.
The unimaginable, the unthinkable, has happened. What was worse, that at that
moment I realized, what I was seeing wasn't a movie, it was real! It was
not half way around the world, in some remote country someplace, it was right
here New York City, USA. I would never of imagined or could envision, a tragedy,
with epic proportions to take place. Its mass destructive, magnitudes are mind-boggling,

This certainly wasn't a Hollywood script. It was as real as it gets. The
images, the people, were real. There were no actors here. Real People running
in terror in the streets, covered in soot and debris, and thick acrid smoke.
They ran for their lives not knowing what they would face next. It was all real
and surreal, eerie. No script would come close. That's when the reality
sank in and I became emotionally distraught and began to cry.

It looked like we were bombed. Seeing and not believing because this happened
so close to home, here in America. We are one of the most powerful nations on
earth. We have the military capabilities to annihilate our enemies, several
times over. Therefore, how is it possible, for this abominable act of mass destruction
and the taking of innocent lives permitted?

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First, lets examine what does the word terrorism mean? By definition, Terrorism
is a name used when describing a warfare style in service of a cause. It is
used as a way to evoke fear, and perpetual uneasiness against the opposing society.

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