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War II started in September 1st, 1939 and went till September 2,
1945. It was not till 1941 when the United States was forced their hand to
enter the war. The territory of Hawaii was attacked by the Japan. The death of
2000 thousand Americans on American soil left the government no choice but to
go all into the war that was happening for the second time in Europe. The major
players in this war threw their entire economic industrial and scientific
capabilities into this war. There was no more separation between civilian and
military resources it was all military now.

Hawaii was the only U.S soil to be caught
in the actual devastation of World War II. In fact, Hawaii being attacked is
what launched the United States headfirst into the War effort. Right off the
bat, Hawaii was the host of many military bases. In 1939 the most extensive and
most impressive base on the Island was Pearl Harbor, on the island of Oahu.

This was the ultimate base is had a battleship dry-dock, above ground oil tank
farms, a hospital, Navy and army airfields a submarine expansion. This was the
gem of the Pacific and host a largest about of the United States Pacific fleet.

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There was the feeling that Japan wanted
to expand its empire that it had in the pacific. The U.S government know that
Hawaii would be the primary target for an attack from Japan. However, they
thought that Hawaii was going to be hard to attack because of how shallow the
harbor was. The U.S figured the fleet was safe from torpedo attack. Knowing
that it was a target for the Japanese the U.S. strengthened military
facilities. On Hawaii, about 2270 Japanese-Americans were living in
imprisonment. On the morning of December 7, 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy
attacked Pearl Harbor. This attack was a complete surprise and that being said
there was no way the U.S could mount a solid defense. Because the attack was
not known the Japanese were able to eliminate a good chunk of the military
force held up in Pearl Harbor. This attacked the U.S. killed 2000 Americans and
dramatically changed life in paradise. After the attack everyday life, tourism
industry and all industries on the island came to a stop. Even though the
Japanese managed to take out every battleship in Pearl Harbor (USS Arizona, USS
Oklahoma, California, West Virginia, Utah, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee,
and Nevada). The only two that could be saved were the USS Arizona, and the USS
Utah. The most important ship in the Naval fleet was no longer that battleship,
it was the Aircraft carriers, and it happen to be that the U.S. Carriers were
away from Pearl Harbor on that dreadful day.

Life during and after the war. After the
attack, the U.S feared that the Japanese-Americans and Japanese immigrants
might not be loyal to the united states. Because the U.S. was now nervous they
were all sent to internment camps during the war. Two small internment camps
were opened on Oahu in the middle of Honolulu and Honouliuli. At this point,
more than 160,000 Japanese were living in Hawaii, they knew that trying to
contain all of them was not going to be realistic. There was not enough space
on the island to isolate them and removing all 160,000 people from islands
population would crash the economy.

Martial Law was put into effect after the
Pearl Harbor attack. This was the only attack during the war Hawaii stayed in
Martial law until the end of the war. This meant that the U.S. military
controlled every aspect of daily life on the Island. Things like working hours,
wages, regulated bars, and restaurants, they set curfews. Citizens on the
island had no rights, and if they were any criticism, it was view as
unpatriotic. There was a huge cultural shock and transformation during the
military presence on Hawaii. The U.S. changed so many things on the island. The
military presents turned the precious sugar plantation into training areas, and
housing sites, extended roads, highways paved, and they bombed the smaller
offshore islands. In making observation points and maneuver ruined the

The impact of the war hit Hawaii hard.

When the war was over the military members returned to their homes. That being
said the economy took a hit because there were now fewer houses to be built,
places like shops and restaurants took a hit because there were fewer people
out shopping or going to dinners. Something positive did come from this
horrific attack on Hawaii. Pearl Harbor become one of Hawaii’s biggest
attractions for visitors. It brings thousands of people each year to the site
and foreign and U.S. tourists come to pay respect to these who lost their lives
that day.


            Before the attack on Pearl Harbor,
the Island of Hawaii was thriving. The military presents brought in a large
number of people. That lead to the increase in jobs, people would be going out
to dinners, and movies, going to bars and so on. The Island was thriving until
that day when the bombs started to rain down. The U.S. government put into
effort strict laws and rules which eventually lead to the decrease of people
doing leisurely activates. When people stop doing leisurely activates in times
of hardship the local economy takes a hit. Even more so when the war finally
ended, and the military presence dropped significantly. The military had such
an impact on the Island form the development of roads, to destruction of the
local landscape for military purposes. Its sad to think that I once brought so
much thriving life to basically leaving a whole in the economy years after.

Luckily the economy bounced back when the attraction of coming to seeing the
site of Pearl Harbor started to bring in large amounts of people. 

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