Worden. is recommended that a female should consume

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Worden. J & Rutherford. D (2016) -Healthy
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E, Rafferty. S & Tomlinson. C, (2015) – Safe
Dance Practice: An applied dance science perspective


at risk of these things is not ideal for a performer, you need to take care of
the inside of your body just as much as the outside as you cannot always see
what’s going on inside, if you have a high cholesterol it can lead to hardening
of the arteries which could then lead to heart failure, being a performer is an
intense and committing profession and the last thing you want to do is become
seriously ill during a rehearsal period or a show so you need to make sure that
you balance your diet evenly and appropriately to suit your body type to ensure
you are the healthiest you can be. A way to make sure you are maintaining a
healthy level of saturated fat, you can check the packaging of foods to make
sure you are choosing the healthiest option. Saturated fats are found in foods
such as red meats, sausages, cheese, milk, butter, cakes, biscuits and coconut
oil whereas a healthier alternative is to choose foods that contain unsaturated
fats such as oily fish, nuts and seeds, vegetable oils and avocados. (Unilever,
2017) Unsaturated fats are usually a healthier alternative for saturated fat, this
is because unsaturated fats do not ……. Ways to substitute out the saturated
fats with unsaturated fats can be to cook with vegetable oils rather than
butter or lard, snack on unsalted nuts, use seeds as toppings, eat oily fish
once a week and when buying dairy products or food high in saturated fats, look
for a reduced fat option to provide a better balance of saturated and
unsaturated fats. (Unilever, 2017)

is recommended that a female should consume less that 20 grams of saturated fat
per day and men are recommended to consume no more than 30 grams per day. (Unilever,2017)
It is important that you stay within these guidelines as there are many health
problems associated with having too much saturated fat. Excessive amounts ‘can
raise your cholesterol levels which can increase your risk of heart disease,
strokes, cancer and other chronic diseases.’ (Worden. J, & Rutherford.
D ,2016)

benefit of consuming saturated fats is that the saturated fatty acids enable
the white blood cells to identify and attack unwanted viruses and bacteria. (English,
N. 2013) This helps the body’s immune system become stronger as it can become
aware when there is something there that shouldn’t be and is able to stop it
before it makes the person unwell. This is really useful for performers as you
want to stay as well as possible at all times and by having this system in
place can help you before you catch something. Without this feature your body
would become ill with anything unusual that encounters it as your body wouldn’t
know what to do whereas these cells can remember how to treat it fast if you
have had it before. When you are rehearsing or performing in a show you want to
be on your top form and by having a good immune system will give you a better
chance at being well.

is mainly believed that dancers should follow a low- fat diet but should always
ensure they are getting the correct fatty acids to help maintain a healthy
well-being and performance level. Fats are key for protection of the organs and
to help the body absorb vitamins. They are essential to a healthy diet and the
recommended daily intake is between 20-33% of your calories. There are two main
types of fats, saturated and unsaturated both which have benefits and
disadvantages to our bodies. Saturated fats are found in highly processed and
fried foods and also can be high in sugar and are recommended to be avoided
during performance time. (Quin, Rafferty & Tomlinson, 2015 p.143)

benefits of saturated and unsaturated fats

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