World War II was a time for many changes to take place in the United States and many other countries across the world.The changes varied from devastating to beneficial in some places, but a revival of spirit seemed to sweep across America.Women especially experienced this revival of spirit both physically and mentally during and after the war. Women began to enter the work force in jobs that men held previously.They also changed their appearance, attitude and how people saw them.The roles women played in American society changed significantly during the early twentieth century.
Women became an important part of the labor force during World War II.While men were going off to war women were being called on to replace them and keep up the country's economy.Norton states that, more than 6 million women entered the labor force during the war (Norton, 777).Factors such as propaganda and other means of advertisement grabbed women's attention by showing women having fun working and using catchy phrases such as, "Do the Job HE Left Behind" (Norton, 778).Women would finally be eligible to earn money on their own and be considered independent.Women responded whole heartedly and in great numbers to the ads.In Rosie the Riveter, some of the propaganda films associated men's jobs with similarities to everyday women's housework.For example the movie, Rosie the Riveter, compared welding to sewing a dress and punching holes in metal parts to using kitchen utensils.Women went from being housewives to riveters, welders, tool makers, and even maintainin!
g trains and other engine run machines.These changes were so wild and unthought of before the twentieth century.Women's lives changed dramatically overnight and they accepted the change with open arms.They felt they were gaining economic independence along with self confidence.
Women's appearance and attitude al

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