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Throughout the Revolutionary war women stood up to support their husbands
countrymen and their own beliefs. The most famous of these heroines were Rachel and
Grace Martin, Margaret Corbin, Angelica Vrooman, Mary Hagidorn, Anne Warner Bailey,
Anne Trotter Bailey, and the legendary Molly Pitcher. All these woman had their place in
battles that greatly effected the war, although they are few their presence is still felt.
Disguised as men, Grace and Rachel Martin, ambushed British officers carrying
important documents one night. Returning home, they found the officers enjoying a meal
their mother had prepared. The women’s bravery began when the Martin sisters were
tired of how the British treated women and children. They sought this opportunity to help
out. Knowing that a courier was bringing British documents to South Carolina, they set
out to stop the courier and get the documents for the Patriots. Borrowing their husbands’
clothes and pistols, they waited in the dark along the road the courier would be
traveling. Upon hearing horses, they stopped the British officers, obtaining what they
needed without firing a shot. They were in for a real surprise when they arrived home
later that night. Luckily for them, men in the dark look different from women in the light.
Returning home, they found the officers enjoying a meal their mother had prepared.
Margaret Corbin was thefirst woman to ever receive wounded soldiers
pension. On November 16, 1776, while they were stationed in Fort Washington, New
York, the fort was attacked by British and Hessian troops. John was assisting a gunner
until the gunner was killed. At this point John took charge of the cannon and Margaret
assisted him. Sometime later, John was killed also. With no time to grieve, Margaret
continued loading and firing the cannon by herself until she was wounded by grapeshot

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