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In many societies, women have had considerably less power than men.In Africa and Asia, examples were taken from both the Western democracies and communist republics, where women had won the rights to vote in the early and mid-twentieth century.Women had a better chance at education, better nutrition, and more equality in the West than in Africa and Asia.
In Western Europe and America, women made gains in higher education, although complete equality was still out of reach, where as in Africa and Asia, women married early and spent their youth and middle-age years raising children, leaving little time for thought about education and careers.Because women were usually less educated, women often didn't vote, or voted for the party or candidate their husbands favored.
Because of the continued male-dominance in Africa and Asia, life expectancy and the health of women was affected.In the 1970s, twenty percent of the female population of India was malnourished and another thirty percent had diets well below acceptable in the U.S.In Indian custom, women serve their husbands and sons and then eat the leftovers.In most industrialized countries, women outnumber men, but in India there are only 930 women for every 1000 men.
Although women in Asia and Africa were given more rights, they were often ignored.Property and divorce laws were created in the West and in Africa and Asia, but oftentimes, Asian and African women didn't have the education or resources to exercise their rights.
In Asia and Africa, women were less likely to be well fed, educated and equal to men than they were in the West.Factors such as religions and traditions were the main reasons for this.

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