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The way in which women are seen today, in America,is very different
from the way they were seen two hundred years ago. Back then women were not allowed
to speak as often as they would have liked to.They were expected to be care-givers, have
and raise children, and do household duties such as cleaning and cooking for the family.
Basically that was a women's typical role, men were constantly seen as being way above
women, so therefore they would always be the ones who commanded or had the final
word in what would be done.Women were seen as passive and weak, and not as able to
accomplish physically or mentally all that men could.
This is in complete contrast from the way in which society sees women today.In
this countrywomen have the ability and choice to create their own lives, own businesses,
become what they've always dreamed, speaktheir minds, or balance a family and a
career.If we put in the effort we are able to accomplish all a man can accomplish, or
maybe even more.It is important to look back upon history and value the actions taken
by women in the 19th and 20th century to get society to where we are today.It is also
crucial that we look at the events that took place, because the progress that women have
made has been due to the way women fought for their rights, and the circumstances that
"Women in America, Social Change and The Legal System"
It all started back in the revolutionary era which brought women responsibility
because men were away at war.Women found themselves capable of managing
households, businesses, and estates.But when the men returned home, more often than
not, women were expected to return to their original roles.Because of the new
inventions and the new means of communication throughout the 1800’s, women were
given more time to crusade for their cause. The post-war generation came with food-

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