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The political and cultural expectations of men and women in the late 19th and early 20th centuries were much different than they are now today in modern America.During this time, women were expected be nothing more than a homemaker and often judged heavily on their ability do so.In "Trifles", a play by Susan Glaspell, Mrs. Wright is criticized by the county attorney and said to be "not much of a housekeeper"(127).This was considered to be not only just criticism, but an insult as well.Due to the constant housekeeping duties that they faced, the women's attire usually included an unattractiveapron worn over their dress.Even when Ms. Wright is in jail, she only requests for her apron to be brought to her to make her feel more comfortable and natural.
In contrast to the women, men were expected to do everything but housekeeping mainly because they were more educated and had many more rights than women during this time.They took care of all the decision making and political choices for their family.Most people know that women did not have the right to vote during this time, but they do not realize that women hardly had any rights at all.As stated in Elizabeth Cady Stanton's "Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions", "Women had few rights and rather low expectations"(278).Although it was not illegal for girls to go to school with boys, it was usually unheard of in upper-level schools and most colleges were all-male institutions.Even if women did decide to attend a college, only much more inferior schools were available for them.They were not expected to be highly educated because they were supposed to just be homemakers.
Married women possessed even fewer rights.They could not own property nor could they file for divorce, even if they were being abused.The small wages that they did earn were given to their husbands to spend as they pleased.Men we…

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