Can you picture yourself weaving cloth, making all your meals homemade, taking care of twelve childeren, then practically worshipping your husband when he gets home? Didn't think so. For Colonial New England women, however, these activities were a daily thing. Women today are very different from Colonial women in terms of roles in the family, work, expectations from society, and relationships.
The Colonial women's role in the family was the keeper of the home, and that was all she was really allowed. She made the family's clothes, she provided a home cooked meal, and took care of the children, all of this by herself until the female childrenwere old enough to be of use. She was, in fact, her husbands slave. She had no say in anything that went on; She could only meekly follow her husbands commandments. She could do nothing for her sons, they were to be submissive only the father, or be apprenticed out. And what did they do in their free time? The answer to that question is: What free time? If by chance they ever had any, they usually baked, or got some mending done, or making candles. Basically, more tasks."Idle hands are the devil's tools," is what they were encouraged to believe. The role in the family that women today play is equal partner to the man (usually). They both work together to make the family function. Often times these days however, it is a single mom trying to run everything. She works then comes home and feeds the kids and does whatever she can. She plays both Mom and Dad. She has all say in what happens with her children and what happens with her.
Today, women are usually expected to have a job. "What do you do?", is a question that is often asked in today's world. In Colonial New England, that question would have only been applicable to men. If women worked at all then, it was as a woman of the street, a servant, or in very rare

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