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Witnessing the recent
uproar in India regarding the release of film ‘Padmavaati’ or which was later
had to be changed to ‘Padmavaat’ so that it projects that the film is based
upon Malik Muhammad Jayasi’s Padamavat and no
alleged distortion of history has taken place in the movie. The violence and
destruction of public properties that has been going for months prior to the
release of the movie has continued till the day before the release. And when the
head of the protesting group ‘Karni Sena’ was shown the movie a day before the
release, he told the media that nothing in the movie is objectionable whereas
few months back we have seen him giving death threats to the makers of the
film. Such is the level of two facedness in the name of political gains.
Lately, the Supreme Court had to intervene and made the release of the film
possible but still some multiplex owners have refused to telecast the film due
to violence. The ‘Daughter of India’ a documentary on the unfortunate Delhi
gang rape incident was banned by the government and sadly the Delhi High Court also
did not lift the ban. A lot of movies and documentaries have been banned by the
governments in the past and its continued even today in the name of decency and
morality which totally restricts freedom of speech and expression in India.

                 A national news channel, NDTV
was also banned for a day due to its reportings on the Pathankot attack. The
information and broadcasting ministry declared that the reportings of NDTV
disclosed the ammunition depot and this could jeopardize national security. The
media associations condemned the ban. The wire, a non profit news website is
currently facing a criminal defamation case for a story published by them in
which they highlighted that how the Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah’s company’s profit
increased massively after Mr. Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of the
country. A defamation case of rupees 100 crores was filed against them by Jay Shah,
clearly such a high amount of compensation demanded is impossible to be paid by
the wire and an ex parte order was also passed the Wire in the District Court of
Ahmedabad. Recently, a F.I.R was filed a journalist of a The Tribune, a daily
newspaper, who exposed that horrendous level of privacy of Aadhar details of
millions of Indians is easily available in rupess 500 and 10 minutes. On social
media websites, where we have the freedom to express our views, we are also
intimated by the trolling that happens on regular basis. A social media page ‘Humans
of Hindutva’ had to been shut down by its administrator because of deaths
threats to him and his family. The page’s posts were critical of the incumbent
government and so he had to face this undesirable situation.       Whether it is the case of Gurmehar Kaur’s
anti war stand or the whole JNU’s incident the State has clearly failed to
protect the right the freedom of speech and expression gurranted by the
constitution of India. In India, we often see the right of freedom of speech and
expression being discuused on various news channels, interviews etc and we the
Supreme Court of India has also held this right as an important one in various
cases but the ground reality is very different. The violence and threats one
has to face whenever one  speaks
something critical of the government or deviant from the Indian culture is
deplorable and should be condemned. 

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