Within 2011 (+172?7%). The increase in treatments per

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Within the 5-year time period of the study, the major amputations decreased by 19% from 17 846 in 2007 to 14 463 in 2011 (Table 1). The decrease in major amputations varied between the different counties and was lowest in Bremen with ?8?9% and highest in Hamburg with ?36?8%. Overall population-based major amputations per 100 000 people dropped from 21?7% in 2007 to 17?5% in 2011 (?18?5%). Within this time period, expenses for PFC increased by 180?6% from €3?6 million in 2007 to €11?1 million in 2011 in Germany (Table 2). The number of treatments per 1000 insured increased from 22 in 2007 to 60 in 2011 (+172?7%). The increase in treatments per 1000 insured varied between the different counties and was lowest in Saxony-Anhalt with 131?0% and highest in Niedersachsen with 353?3%. In this period, the total number of German hospitalizations for persons with diabetes mellitus (DM) documented as an additional diagnosis increased by 18?9% (from 2 115 707 in 2007 to 2 515 462 in 2011).

This analysis is the first to demonstrate a decrease in major amputation and the increase in PFC. The system with PFC prescribed by the doctors and paid by the Social Health Insurance (SHI) is very unique to Germany. Once again it has to be pointed out that PFC does not include any wound treatment or surgical procedures. Podologists care for the diabetic foot at risk and the use of a scalpel is not mandatory for comprehensive prevention of lesions such as hyperkeratosis. Podologists may treat callus by filing, sanding and levelling with special tools. Soaking and softening callus simplifies the treatment and avoids tissue lesions. They try to prevent callus development by a good foot care to keep the skin soft and intact and by local pressure relief using a variety of plasters and paddings.

When it comes to diabetic foot company operations in Germany, PFC can offer much more solutions to the DM patients along with multiple therapies at a time and with much more ease. It will be the next level treatment for diabetic mellitus patient in the developed countries. As pulse flow df can offer different therapies and different data along with its boot it will help the podologists to make their offering easier and with much more result oriented. By this device even the numbers of lower limp amputations can way more reduce.

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