With it intrigues me ever since I

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              With the internet being so popularnow a days, this dissertation examines the impacts of the internet on students.Our lives have become easier and the people have to thanks to the immensecontribution of the internet for the communication and all the informationsharing. My topic is about the affects of the internet on students.

Havestudents gotten more knowledge and more socialized because of the web? Ibelieve that the use of the internet helps students develop their knowledge anda great way of communication. There was a study conducted on the Vanier Collegegrounds. A total of 40 recipients answered my survey of a total of 10questions. An interview conducted by me and answered by a student who attendsVanier College. My findings on this study was very interesting, the surveyshowed that students would go on the internet for many hours for other reasonsthen school work and still are able to obtain a good average of grades. I alsoobtained more or less the same results with my interview.

             A big enough amount of differencessurrounds the effects technologies such as the Internet have on human growth.As with most media, the Internet is able of passing on enriched learning experiences.However, there are good costs to using the Internet, which may result indegradation of high school students’ scholastic performance.

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This topic isinteresting to me and it intrigues me ever since I realized that my littlebrother was always on his computer. I have been asking myself many questions ever since my little brotherwas able to walk on his one and his attachment with his iPad. My brother and Ihave a difference in age of 11 years.

For the last 10 years I was able towitness how technology and the internet played such a big role into a littlechild`s life. Yes, he grew attached to it but at the same time he was moreadvanced as a child at home and at school.This is why I am conducting thisresearch paper to know if the internet has made students/children smarter ormore socialized. I myself may get carried awayat times, especially when I have homework to do. The internet became a dailyroutine for about everyone now a days. I collected data from all of my readingsof my references and as well from the data collected from my research methods.

The results indicate that the this type of multimedia is a very goodeducational technique and it gives the people the opportunity to communicatewith others from outside of their horizon. Now a very important question comesto mind, does Internet usage harm the grades of students? There was a study made in the UK that 90% of childrenaged from 9 to 20 years old use the internet for school work at least weekly.That is a big percentage of students who use it for a good cause! There wasanother case study that was made back in 2015 by Ozkisi and Topaloglu that outof 200 students, 179 of them (89.5%) have the internet connection at home. Thatis more than half of the students. My research question is important to mesince I have been wondering this question for a very long time. I have beenasking myself many questions ever since my little brother was able to walk onhis one and his attachment with his iPad. My brother and I have a difference inage of 11 years.

For the last 10 years I was able to witness how technology andthe internet played such a big role into a child’s life. Socially at home orwith his friends and even with his grades and the amount of work he puts intoit.Yes he grew attached to it but at the same time he was more advanced as achild than me and all my other three brothers who were as fortunate as he wasat his age.

This is why I am conducting this research paper to know if theinternet has made students/children smarter or more socialized.   

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