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With increase number of road accidents, safety and
security have become major concern mainly for car companies. Most of the
accidents are result of driver carelessness so car companies came up with
Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) to avoid accidents. ADAS system give
assistance to the driver and enhances driving experience by ensuring safety of
the vehicle, the driver, and the pedestrians or bikers 1. In case of accident/dangerous
situation, the system either alerts the driver or takes the control to avoid
the accident 2. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are in demand due
to the desire of building safe vehicles and decreasing the number of road
accidents.  These kind of systems are
increasing day by day and getting more developed to ensure safety, security and
comfort to the drivers. It contains various adaptive features like electronic
stability program (ESP), anti-lock brakes system, airbag control, electric
windows, parking assistant, adaptive cruise control (ACC), lane departure
warning and many more 3. ADAS consists of various sensors: radar, LIDAR,
ultrasonic, photonic mixer device (PMD), cameras, and night vision devices
which allows to check their surrounding areas like lane, neighbor cars and
various other factors like traffic, weather, light intensity, humidity etc.
Huge data from these sensors should be verified and validated because ADAS
depends on these data which analyzed and sent to ECU for processing the task
related these 4.

detection is one of the important system in Advanced Driving Assistance Systems
(ADAS) which is used for road navigation and alerts the driver or take the
control in case of vehicle being moved out of its lane or road 3. In most of
the case there are almost no time to react for the driver on the alert which
can be fatal due to change in lane and involving in accidents. And this can
avoided by using Lane Keeping Assist that maintains the vehicle on lane except
if turning indicator is on.

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