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Winston Churchill was born into a wealthy and famous family. He achieved poor grades in school but had an early interest in the military. He joined the Royal Cavalry in 1895 serving as a soldier and a part time journalist. Churchill travelled often on trips to Cuba, Afghanistan, Egypt, and South Africa. Churchill was elected as a conservative representative for oldham in 1900. He then switched to the liberal party in 1904, and climbed his way to the top of the hierarchy. He was first in command of the Admiralty (the political head of the Royal Navy) by the time of the Gallipoli campaign otherwise known  as the battle of Gallipoli. The battle of Gallipoli was when forces that had alliances between them joined up to successfully take over the the trade route between Europe and Russia. Churchill was the one who lead the forces and was heavily criticized for his error.During the war, Churchill moved back to the conservative party and was a Chancellor of the Exchequer.  This is a role that handles money and economy for Britain. In 1992, Churchill lost his seat in the conservative party and and spent the next eleven years out of office mostly writing and making speeches.   I would give Sir Winston Churchill a six on the richter scale because of all the powerful speeches he made and his war plans, ideas and leadership. He inspired so many politicians with his powerful speeches. He made speeches to prep the soldiers for war. When he was in office he served as a Minister of defence which also had a big impact cause not all of his plans worked. Like the battle of gallipoli when he failed to over take the route. There were over 100,000 casualties and churchill got criticized by the public. Churchill went from being a soldier to a politician to a Minister of defence and even won a nobel prize for literature.However a stroke in 1949 that had been kept a secret from the public set a health concern for Churchill. At age 77 Churchill was not fit enough to deal with politics every day and for that reason he stepped down from prime minister and  moved to Knight of the Garter. Two years later he stepped down from all politics. His stubborn and refusal to accept loss or defeat in World War II gave him a reputation that few other politicians achieved.

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