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Winsor McCay presented his animation Gertie the Dinosaur in Chicago during 1914. Gertie was a prehistoric creature that McCay brought to life on stage by giving Gertie tasks and character traits that he performed for, an audience. The setting for the animation Gertie the Dinosaur was in an open area with a cave on one side and a lake on the other side. The background consisted of mountains and the ground had a tree and other plants. As for the attitude and tone of the film, the music helped a great deal with gathering the audience’s attention and mimicking what was occurring with Gertie. The title cards throughout the film also help with the telling of the story and it informed the audience as to what Gertie may be doing. Since it is a silent animation film the title cards were extremely helpful. The character design was very thought out and detailed and Gertie displayed an interesting and likeable personality. In the beginning of the film, Gertie was very timid and shy about coming out and saying hello to the audience when McCay told her to. When Gertie got more comfortable her bubbly personality comes out and entertained the viewers. Gertie goes through a whirlwind of emotions from happy to sad. When Gertie is approached by another animal named Dumbo she gets nervous but quickly gets accustomed to Dumbo’s presence. Throughout the animation, Gertie expressed great personality that was eye-catching.The framing and composition of the film is very traditional. It is obvious that each frame is hand drawn and the constant use of it allowed for the film to flow smoothly. The film was very coherent and unified and did a great job of keeping all the attention on Gertie. When McCay incorporated himself (called self-reflexivity) into the film it was a great move and really the film seem real. An example of this is towards the end of the film when McKay draws himself into the animation and has Gertie take him for a ride on her back. The animation Gertie the Dinosaur by Winsor McCay was very well written and presented given the time period and technology available for production. The character design of Gertie was done very well in regards to her personality. The framing and composition of the film was also on point with the character. Overall, Gertie the Dinosaur was a quality animation by Winsor McCay.

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