Windows 10 build 17074 has been made available by Microsoft
to insiders who are enrolled in the Skip Ahead Lane and the Fast Ring. This
preview many included many new things which is planning to be rolled out later
in 2018.

The improvement of Microsoft Edge is one of the key focuses
of this update. The Quiet Hours feature has been improved with more ways to
prevent distractions. Improvements have also been made to the Settings
application including more ways to free up space, add languages and configure
the sound. The handwriting experience has also had some changes.

Action centre &
Quiet Hours

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The ‘Clear All’ option in the Action Centre has now been
renamed to ‘Clear all notifications’. The Quiet Hours feature now includes the
ability to be automatically turned on when the screen has been duplicated to
prevent interruptions when watching movies or going through a presentation in
full screen mode. The time that Quiet Hours enables can now also be specified
along with the ability to assign priorities to people who can bypass Quiet

Pane opening, and item headers have also received new
animations. The Border Reveal effect has been removed when hovering over items
in lists. Two additional pixels of separation have now been added to the
command bar margin in the Microsoft Store to improve the experience of the

Sound – Settings

The Sound page within Settings has had a new section added
which contains new audio settings. Settings can also be found to control the
sound globally as well as change the volume for apps independently to the
master volume in the App volume and device preference page. A reset button has
been added to revert to the default settings.

Start Menu

The Start menu will now start to show links to the
‘Pictures’ and ‘Documents’ folders on the left-hand rail. This has been done to
make it easier for people who are coming to Windows 10 from previous versions.

This list can be personalized by right clicking on to it.

Microsoft Edge

The Hub experience within Microsoft Edge has undergone some
major changes. A list has been added to the left – hand side that shows the
sections. This is in addition to a button that lets you collapse the view to
show icons only at the top of the page. The ability to save card details has also
been added so that forms can be quickly filled in future instances. However,
the CVV number will never save.

The Favourites bar will now appear on any new opened tabs if
there is at least one saved favourite. This also has the option to always be
hidden. The option for Microsoft Edge to never save passwords has also been
introduced, once it has been selected for a particular site, you will not be
prompted again.

All of these changes along with many other minor tweaks
means that Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge are now more accessible than ever

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