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After Word War I, the whole entire earth was in shambles over what was needed to punish the aggressor (Germany) and what was needed to prevent more wars like it.The U.S. senate found that the call for an alliance of all nations to settle the world;s disputes was unconstitutional and threatened the nationalism of the American people (document A).President Wilson felt that the League was an outlet to fulfill his promise to the soldiers of America, that this war would ;be a war against wars; (document C) and bring peace.Both sides felt that the Treaty of Versailles was too harsh on Germany and disregarded Wilson;s Fourteen Points to better please those of the French. This distrust of the League of Nations was one of the two main reasons that the senate did not ratify the Treaty of Versailles; the other was that Wilson called for it to be killed.
Wilson;s baby in the Treaty of Versailles was the League of Nations.But this perpetrated some problems back in the U.S. The Senate wanted too keeps the U.S.;s affairs in no other countries but their own hands (document A). They felt that an institution in which all nations resolve conflicts between opposing nations was nothing more than unconstitutional (document E).Even the population of the U.S. was split. W.E.B. Dubois wrote that the League of Nations was ;the most forward looking event of the century; but also warned that anyone;s attempt to handle the world;s affairs or to stay out of them completely, was foolish (document H). Jane Addams stated that The Women;s Peace Party was divided on the issue (document I). But with the support of Herbert Hoover, Wilson kept fighting for the League of Nations. What Wilson wasn;t happy with was the harshness the Treaty of Versailles imposed upon Germany, and felt that it would only spark more conflict (document B). Wilson, the Senate, and others felt that the punishment upon German c…

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