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During the post WWI era, President Wilson had several obstacles to
overcome. Facing Congress, and pressure to resume American society to the
status quo, he knew he had to act quickly and strongly to support whatever
decisions he made. Unfortunately, they were all executed poorly. Wilson
failed as a diplomat and as a domestic politician in the post World War I era
due to his failure to compromise, his opposition with Henry Cabot Lodge and
the House of Representatives, and his idealistic views.
Wilson is perhaps best known for his 14 point system, which consisted
of his goals for the future, after the war.Though they were mostly valid,
and showed insight, they proved extremely idealistic, which was a common
mistake for him. Letting his creative mind flow to all these great ideas, and
no wake-up call to let him know that many of these were too progressive of
the time. The 14 points included territorial settlements, colonial disputes,
and postwar vision; unrestricted navigation, freer trade and reduced
Wilson's baby,The League of Nations, was rejected by hist own
senate, chiefly by the workings of Henry Cabot Lodge. Its intention was to
help America and all other countries in the war, except Germany, to prevent
a war like this from happening again, but it backfired and they did not
become a part of it due to his inability to effectively compromise. Perhaps
because he was ill, he had a harder time digesting it all, but his irrascible
attitude would not allow him to let Congress amend and put the bill through.
The League is now a success, but his brilliant ideas were unable to be carried
out because of his failures as a domestic politician.
Wilson was unsuccessful in fulfilling his goals of the war. He involved
himself in foreign affairs that would have been best handled by other
countries. The Louistana notes that little impact and resulted in the sinking

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