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 Will the World Ever Know Who the Zodiac Killer is?  For decades the police in California never figured out the true identity of the Zodiac killer thought they had ideal suspects, they never convicted anyone because they didn’t have enough evidence. The world wants to know who the true identity of the Zodiac killer and why did he  started killing. All we know is that he started killing in June of 1963 and his first known murder occurred in Santa Barbara.           The first known victims were Robert Domingos and his fiance Linda Edwards. ” The victims, bound with rope, had apparently tried to escape but were shot and killed with a .22 caliber weapon. Robert was shot 11 times and Linda was shot 9 times” (Butterfield). The same murder weapon was used for another murder in 1968, the victims were  ” The Domingos/Edwards case also had similarities to the Zodiac’s attack of another young couple at Lake Berryessa in 1969″ (Butterfield).            Zodiac wrote letters to the police and news journalists. He wrote a letter to Vallejo Times-Hard on July 31, 1969, and it said, ” The writer claimed responsibility for the two shootings and provided details about the victims, the weapons, the number of shots fired and the brand of ammunition” (Butterfield). He also wrote a letter to The San Francisco Chronicle on the same day and this one said, ” One of three virtually identical letters accompanied by one-third of a cipher. The writer demanded publication of the letters and ciphers by Friday, August 1st” (Butterfield). He wrote another letter on the same day. This one said, “The writer threatened to kill again if newspapers did not publish the cipher, which included the words, ‘ i like killing people because it’s so much fun.'” (Butterfield). The three-page letter received by the Examiner on August 4, 1969,  confirmed the man writing the letters was actually the Zodiac killer (Butterfield).          There was a couple of ideal suspects like Lawrence Kane, Ross Sullivan, and Arthur Leigh Allen. Lawrence worked in the same hotel as Donna Lass (possible Zodiac victim). Kane’s name was embedded in one of the Zodiac’s cipher. I think that he might be the Zodiac because how would his name be in the cipher if he wasn’t or he could be helping the Zodiac write the letters and the ciphers. Another ideal suspect was Ross Sullivan, because the killing bore many similarities to the Zodiac killings. He disappeared for several days after the murder. He also had similar crew cut and glasses to a sketch of the Zodiac. He wore an army jacket and military style boots like those that left footprints at Lake Berryessa stabbings. I think there might be a huge possibility that he is the Zodiac killer because of the similar crew cut and glasses, he also had an army jacket and military style boots that left footprints there. His footprint wouldn’t be there if he wasn’t there but he might’ve had lent his boots to the Zodiac killer. Arthur Leigh Allen might be the Zodiac killer because people saying ” Allen had talked about wanting to kill people and secure a flashlight to a firearm, as the Zodiac did.” He was finally ruled out because ” ‘Allen seems like a good suspect as long as you only get information from people who think he’s guilty,'” says Butterfield (Beck). I think he was a good suspect because he wanted to kill people and that is a good thing to have when interrogating a suspect and also to have a motive.          Who do you think the Zodiac killer? Do you think the world will ever know? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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