Wild, not embellished with gold or silver, but

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Wild, rustic, edited down to the bare bones. That is what the Spartan Architecture is all about. Spartan houses were built on generous plans. Their interior courtyards were surrounded by large verandahs & gardens and had fruits trees & herbs. The interiors were not embellished with gold or silver, but the glinting of sunlight on water. They had huge windows that let in light and decorated their homes with natural elements – water, sunlight, trees and fire. Most of the things they used for décor was transient and thus hardly left any archeological record.


According to a study published by Legends & Chronicles on ancient Sparta, Sparta was a state that believed in skills & knowledge than magnificence & grand architecture. The study clearly showed that their lifestyle was about preservation rather than celebration. This was clearly reflected in their buildings and architecture. Simple and purposeful, the Spartan designs revolved around the concept that ‘less is more’.


Lately, the essence of the Spartan style of home designing has been blended with contemporary styles. The result was mesmerizing — rooms with essentials for daily comfort, selective furnishings & fixtures and use of natural & primitive elements for construction.

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Japan is a country that has served as a source of cultural and technological inspiration to myriad cultures. In recent times, some of their traditional techniques have been an inspiration in artistic areas too. Traditional, vernacular & minimalistic, the home designing methods of Japan is now popular for the reinvention of traditional techniques (Japanese Architecture – Arch Daily).


You can notice one feature that is key to both Spartan and Japanese architecture. Simplicity. According to Mayank Ruia (Director, Kessaku), the idea of simplicity in complexity ‘Shibui’ (Japanese) allows subtle & complex details and textures to exist in a perfect balance of beauty and purpose. This blend of simplicity and complexity ensures that new meaning emerges, enhancing the aesthetic beauty of the house.


With simple yet magnificent interior décor, ample space to breathe and move around, & nature-friendly architecture, the builders of Phoenix Kessaku has blended the Spartan designs seamlessly with the Japanese architecture. To experience an elegant & balanced way of life without compromising on comfort, luxury & freedom, join the realm of Phoenix Kessaku. 

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