Why using magic realism, such as Indian writer

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Why magical realism
is a dominant feature in Latin American literature

Magic realism is
dominant in Latin American Literature because of the belief’s they have, some
are based on reality while some are based on the acceptance of supernatural
power as prosaic reality, magical realism changes from pure fantasy primary
because it is set in the new era, authentic explanation of human environment.
It targets and aim the contradiction of the opposite for example it challenges
things like life and death and the precolonial era, culture, past and
post-industrial presents, according to Angel Flores, magical realism comprises
the fusion of the real and the fantastic or as he claims, “the combination of
both realism and fantasy” the existence of the mystical in magic realism is
often connected to magic or native Americans or Africans. Example of some myth
about the native Americans that believes their ancestors can turn to wolf in
every full moon of every month and having wolf genes with them, Gonzalez
Echevarria believes that magical realism offers the world view that is not
created on natural or physical rules nor unbiased reality, but still the
fictional world is not separated or different from reality. Also, magic realism
in Latin American literature is a grouping, away of responding to reality and
pictorially representing the problems of reality.

            In 1940’s magical realism is kind of
way to express the genuine American mentality and creates an independent style
of literature, magic realism is not just about Latin American literature alone,
the Latin American writers have also influence other writers like around the
world with their writing style using magic realism, such as Indian writer
Salman Rushdie and Nigerian poet and novelist Ben Okri all uses magic realism
on their books. Magic realism is not just about fiction or imaginary stories
but also about techniques that have been connected to post-colonialism era,
which illustrate the unpleasant areas such as urban, rural and western

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            Magic realism is not just based on
magic, fiction or creating stories about some people been cannibal, it also
about feelings of an individual or group of people leaving in the same society,
through art, music, dancing, history and poetry, etc. a structure where real
forms are combined in a way that confirms daily reality a way of meanings to be
more real than reality itself, using realism to write literature through
language or use styles of irony to escape essential concerns. An alternate
reality can be created using magic realism in literature one which the language
becomes the overriding reality within the story or novels, all this concerns
will allow the reader to actually concentrate and participate in the reading
process, for example, “the book of the sand” by Jorge Luis Burges ” the story
is all about a man that sell bible who sold a magic book to a man a book with
unlimited pages an infinity book that has no beginning or end such a book can
get a person worried and sick thinking about his life and the book all by
himself, and be separated by the people you care for and love also the book
cant be destroyed because it an has no end it unlimited and magical. Story by
Gabriel García Marquez about “the most
handsome drowned man in the world” “a small village where a drowned dead man
was washed a way by the sea to the village shore, with such an amazing things
and miracles they have never seen before a dead person”.


Writers use
magical realism in Latin American literature because it a fiction that look
real and so to get the attention of the readers and audience most especially
Latin American people this is the best method and technique’s use to get their

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