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In November of 1918, Germany agreed to the proposed armistice, ending World War I. They believed that the peace would be generous, and based on Wilson's Fourteen Points. They were in for a devastating surprise. What both Germany and President Wilson didn't expect were prominent world leaders acting on feelings of greed, as opposed to what would be beneficial for the World's people. The World's leaders were not thrilled with Wilson either, calling him a "self-righteous leader" who only claimed to worry about "all mankind". It was said by Premier Georges Clemenceau of France "Wilson bores me with his Fourteen Points! Why, God Almighty has only ten!" Needless to say, things did not go well from the start. As much as Wilson wanted to ratify the Treaty of Versailles and Join in preventing future world conflicts, the opposition was far too great.
The Treaty of Versailles was drafted in Paris, France by those who had come to be known as "the big four", or the leaders of the four allied powers during WWI: Prime Minister David Lloyd George of Great Britain, Premier Vittorio Orlando of Italy, the affore mentioned Premier Clemenceau of France, and, of course, President Wilson. All three European leaders seemed bent on getting as much land and wealth as possible out of the war, and punishing the enemy as much as possible. All three countries suffered huge loss, financial and otherwise, as the war was fought in their backyards, and they weren't about to forget. They saw Wilson's view of making sure everyone gets out with a smile on their face as an ignorant opinion of someone who hadn't looked the enemy in the eye, but they weren't worried about the treaty, because they knew if Wilson did not sign it, war was bound to happen again, and all too soon. Wilson knew too, and he appealed directly to the people of America.
The people of America had very different views

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