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To study history itself is not to just present facts but allows for interpretations of the past and establishes meanings through the researching of historical documentations left by people of other times and places. To understand the past, is to understand the present and the future to come. History allows for interpretations and evaluation of contemporary way of life and provides sociological perspectives into the many questions that surround the never-ending issues associating with the way things are done in the modern society.
Policing dates back during the Anglo-Saxon times in England, where King's demanded loyalty and obedience from those who were serving him, in return he provided security and protected them from invaders. Kind Alfred the Great (ruled from 871 till he died in 899 ) formulated the codes of law back in that era, thus the type of internal police force evolved prior to what most people would consider the creation of policing.
As noted above, the history of policing does not begin with the implementation of Sir Robert Peel's principles of policing which established the Metropolitan Police in 1829. For the centuries between King Alfred and Peel's principles – law and order depended upon the parish constable who was a household chosen by fellow villagers or townsmen to serve for one year. The constables duty was to arrest wrongdoers and bring them before the justice of peace. Watchmen also were employed to help constables and patrol the streets at night. It is clear that policing has had diverse roles and operations within its historical content, yet the underlying purpose has been to preserve order and stability within the society.
The study of policing history is vital because it allows for the past theories of policing to be differentiated from modern policing however the permanence of police organisations, the stability of the profession and the occupational sub-cu

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