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What would life be like if people traveled to their jobs and followed the same schedule every day of their life?Monotonous and boring yet people did it, and still do, not always knowing or caring why.Having a life full of joy, sadness, excitement, and suspense would be unfamiliar.However, these are the emotions that make all of us who we are. Without these feelings and diverse experiences, in my opinion, there is no true purpose.An individual's identity and emotional content are essential characteristics of living.Without them, life IS meaningless.
First of all, the monotonous routine of the same events every day would be an obvious effect of history repeating itself.Boredom is an inevitable outcome also. John S. Mill believed in the important of not being a follower.Rather, he supported originality, because that is the key to preventing this tragedy of dullness.Although many original and ingenious individuals were often persecuted (i.e. Julius Cesar, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King Jr.,), they contributed to the growth and development of society. I believe America would be lost today without citizens like these. Those leaders taught what they believed in with enthusiasm, which made believers out of others, and made their convictions stronger because they had to defend it.
Next, George Orwell made a valuable discovery when he stated, "He who controls the past, controls the future." A person's identity is based greatly on an accumulation of their previous life experiences (their "history").From the love given to a baby at birth, to the attention and education received by a child, through the experiences and challenges an adult faces – all of a persons responses to everything that happens to them ultimately create that persons self identity. When we have a problem in our lives, we respond, we cope, we learn, and hopefully become stronger and smarter.

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