Many have wondered, why was The Roman Empire so great. Rome was so great because it's thefirst village that grew into an empire, entertained every one with a vast variety of entertainment, a functional law system, and several advances in technology.
Many do not know that Rome started out as a small village and was taken over. The invaders added a government and so Rome was transformed from a village to a republic. Since Rome had a government, they now needed a military to protect themselves. With this new military come a need for a new kind of government. For years, the government had been a senate of three hundred and two consuls, one for financial and similar stuff, and the other for military. A military consul named Julius Caesar saw this and took action. He knew that the republic didn't want another king so he said that he was better than a king, he was an EMPOEROR. Emperor was just a fancy term for king. To get the support to become an emperor, Caesar gained popularity by providing entertainment.
Rome held many entertaining events that were free to the public. These events were paid and sponsored by the emperors to gain popularity. Some of these were the Coliseum, Circus Maximus, public executions, and the public bathhouses.
The Coliseum was large enough to hold more than 50,000 spectators to watch the bloodshed of the gladiators and slaves who fought to the death. Christians, before Rome adopted Christianity, were forced to fight wild animals that had been starved for weeks with out weapons to defend themselves against the beasts. These were usually held in the morning,
Many executions were held at noon. In the afternoons is what made the Coliseum is famous for, Gladiator. Gladiators were trained to fight to the death on gladiatorial schools. The gladiators were usually slaves, condemned criminals, prisoners of war, and even an occasional woman. Before a loosing gladiator was slain, the wi

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