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i. Improves presentation of the product

ii. Protects the product during distribution

iii. Makes handling and retail display of the product easier

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While packaging, quality should not be compromised merely to cut down the costs. Saving or cost reduction in packing costs can usually be made in any packing operation by studying the entire packaging process carefully.

Exporter should select a large supplier for supply of packing material. Reputed firms can offer alternative packages, sizes and designs. Marginal advantages in price are offset by delay in delivery, inferior or inconsistent quality and the like in the case of a small supplier.

Substantial savings can be achieved by ordering the suppliers standard products, sizes and shapes. Any particular package can easily be personalised through distinctive, promotional labeling.

In most cases the delivery period for the standard items are shorter, usually ex-stock and the quality better due to faster quality control for longer production run.

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