Why other means to more distant final disposal

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Needed change

to deteriorating level service of SWM (solid waste management) it was much
needed to make a change in current system. Govt decide to establish a new

Ø  There
was uncollected waste approx. 997 tons per day.

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Ø  No
proper washing and sweeping system of roads in city. Major roads of city remain
un-swept on regular basis.

Ø  Containers
capacity/size was not appropriate according to population which caused open
heaps was found around the containers.

Ø  Inefficient
transportation system to transfer all waste at dumpsite.

Ø  Bad
impact on environment and health of citizen

Contamination of Soil and ground water

Emission of Green House Gases

increase in Suspended Particles

Health of citizens and sanitary workers
was affected

Ø  In
a City, there was no transfer station, where collection vehicles are
consolidated into loads that are transported by larger trucks or other means to
more distant final disposal facilities, typically landfill.

Ø  There
was no proper waste treatment and disposal system.

Ø  Need
to adopt corporate practices (manuals, Strategic plan, SECP guidelines, Audit


of LWMC (Lahore Waste Management Company)

Govt has decided to establish a new company as per international standards in
2009 but Efforts failed due to various reasons such as Economic constraints,
political instability and resistance from SWM Employees but after settlement of
all issues Govt establish a company similar in approach and methodology of
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to overcome the challenges of cleanliness. Experienced professionals of different
disciplines have been hired in the company to make change strategies.

of issues

of Stakeholders

impact making moves (short term and long-term plan)

Phase – From Formation of company till signing of SAAMA

professional has developed strategies for change management to cope the modern
challenges, latest technology and services. Similarly, the company also decide
to have change in employees because the huge number of inexpert and uneducated
were the problem and burden over the company which consistently disturbing the
new system of the company so management decided to change and bring downsizing
in the company to sustained the company service and productivity.

Resistance to change of in LWMC

 Most of time it has observed when any
organization wants to implement the change process there is occurrence of
resistance from employees’ side. They may include the old employees of the
organization, the middle level managers, and other groups. Resistance is
obviously and it came from the side of employee, political party and some other
social groups.

has observed that when any company/organization wants to implement the change
process there is occurrence of strong resistance. Resistance can be come up
from management sides, political side, Economic constraints and any other
groups. It’s all depend on management how they handle the situation without any
disturbance of change process. During formation of lwmc there is also some groups
and employee who resist against implementation of change. These employees
belonged to some strong unions and support of some political parties because
they are not satisfied with change due to their self-interest, lack of trust
and understanding of fact. Different ideas, goals of employees may also suffer
after change process. Mostly SWM employees were permanent so they start
thinking that after implementation of new process their jobs are in risk.SO in
that situation lwmc management adopt following techniques to overcome the


from the Top

Every layer

and faith



for any unexpected situation

implementation of the change now Lwmc have rebuild his reputation, with new
technology and mythology they are providing better services to citizen.
Employees have been trained and developed, different types of techniques are
used to maintain cleanliness in city. Development of model areas and upscaling of
model areas in rest of city. Established a complaints management system and
start public awareness campaign. Removal of waste from open plots and
procurement of waste disposal facility in city. Started vehicle tracking and
monitor system to get maximum performance.




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