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Why models?, controversy about fashion models and their body shape has been raging for over a century. And the argument about how it affects body image and self-esteem is just as old, they have been called living mannequins.In the other hand is not always like that for example VICTORIA’S  SECRET MODELS have for obligation to be skinny yes, but they can’t be so skinny they have to be healthy, eat good and also do exercise. Not all that matters is if you are so skinny , the most famous brands are looking for the models to be healthy if they are too thin they will not accept them since everything in excess is bad.Most of the models are naturally skinny, and they also look very slim because they are very tall. Eating disorders are caused by a lot of things, it’s ridiculous to state that it’s caused by skinny models, because a lot of girls are skinny and have like anorexia for example without being a model. This is like saying “are bodybuilders too big?” Now that sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Young girls don’t need to see models if it “causes” eating disorders, which it doesn’t. People should know better, than to think the 1% of women that ‘professionally starve’ to stay skinny for modeling is ‘true beauty’.People are always going to complain, and that controversy if the models are very thin or not always going to exist. However in this time exist curvy models that are models of greater weight, but now what will happen people will begin to complain that if curvy models are too fat?Most people spend it saying that the models are too skinny maybe they look at it that way because their lives are not healthy what I mean with “unhealthy” that they spend eating fat, junk food, do not exercise, do not sleep well, their cholesterol are in the clouds . They think that the models are too thin for the life that they carry, they think that their weight is adequate it is not so,  fat people have an 89% probability of dying faster than the models. Why people don’t put themselves in spite of themselves and try to change the life they lead. The work of the models apart from wearing designer clothes, is also to try that people lead a better life putting themselves as an example. it is true some are too skinny but there are millions of reasons, for  example they are very high and the higher you are more skinny you’ll see, another reason is that it may be that your digestive system is very fast, it does not necessarily have to be because you have food problems.Models must be skinny without offending, but you do not believe that if they were fat they would look a little bad?It’s really funny because before if you were weak you were poor and malnourished, now you are not necessarily poor but everyone or most prefer to be thin.It is incredible how people’s thoughts can change from one moment to another about the appearance of others and ignore that what really matters is not what is outside but what is inside. Why they always have to say that the models are anorexic and they do not eat, why people don’t think how many teennegers have real problems that often lead to death, because their own classmates bullying them saying that they are fat when they aren’t, instead of criticizing the models, let’s help all those people who really are too skinny because of the diseases and let the models do their job.We have to understand something people are always going to want to criticize for a, b,or c motive. No matter what you do you will always be criticized when you are in the public eye. So and advice do not pay attention to them.

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