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Why med/Ophthalmology 

–  I want to make peoples dream come true.
I want to be able to make people see again or prevent them from going blind. An athlete is good and he’s
very competitive and he’s on his way to becoming a top athlete a professional
of the winning scholarship for college winning 
awards and trophies on his way to becoming a professional athlete live
in his life and he discovers that he cannot see any
more or is losing his eyesight and it is heartbreaking and devastating I
want to be the one that facilitates that person be able to make to live their dreams
come true by restoring their sight so they can continue the path they were on
and become successful . I don’t want eye problems getting in the way of their
dreams. If somebody who says hey I want to find a cure for cancer or diabetes
but discovered that they have an eye problem I want to treat them so that they
are able to accomplish their goal and career path and save lives.

– Love photography – I love photography because
I love recording events and capturing
memories that will last forever and good times and adventures, I love being
able to be creative and being able to tell a story. Noticing the details and
seeing the beauty in every day and in
everything, living in the present and being able to capture a range of
emotions. Share perspective and express yourself. The best camera you can have
is your eyes. Your eyes
are the lens of the world If a picture tells a 1000 words image how much the
eyes can.
– Love biology – want a career that involves
molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology, anatomy, physiology health policy
management and prevention pathology and pharmacology
– Dislike social sciences 
– Hear problems and provide a solution 
– Like bio and I like people
– Like research 
– Like the diversity 
– Always changing 

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-make a difference
– Invent a new technique
– Invent the new
–  Invent a new device 
– Learn something new 
– Like learning about diseases 
– Like meeting new people every day and talking to them learning about
them and making their life better directly along with relieving them of any
pain sickness or discomfort or worries they might have and make them happier
and be able to prescribe anything they need and treat them 
– I don’t want to be around computer all
– I don’t want to be in a lab all day or be
surrounded by bacteria- Practicing
medicine involves treating and helping people not diseases and I want to work
with people. 

– I want to be involved
directly in the healing of someone

– Diverse


-appreciate my eyesight.


-improve quality of life

– fixing, creating,
discovering, inventing and finding the case for something

– teach

– Being able to relieve
more than just physical pain – loneliness,
fear, and anxiety

–  stop flu- it’s really annoying and make
people uncomfortable and ruins and upsets their day and week so being able to
solve that would bring me and other people happiness.

– give my time and service to people all across the
country and the world. I would like to volunteer my time (even without pay)

Hi, my name is Peta-Kaye Johnson and I would
like to a doctor. I want to become a
surgeon more specifically an eye surgeon. I am a girl who loves to write songs,
poems and stories, I enjoying dancing and I love photography. These hobbies
helped me to decide on the career path I want to pursue. I didn’t always want
to a doctor in the second grade I wanted to an actress in the 4th
grade I wanted to be a hotelier and it wasn’t until the 6th grade I
developed a love and appreciation for the eyes and for sight. I couldn’t imagine life without my eyes and I wanted to be
able to help others see again.The
ultimate goal is, what they wish to do or accomplish in the future.
It provides guidance and direction over time towards that end. In this manner,
it is the inspiration for what will be done. It is focused on the future. Once
someone has a vision they can accomplish
anything they set their mind to and I envision myself being able to help people
with a vision an opportunity to obtain their sight. I want to be able to help
someone’s dream come true as certain things are much harder or even impossible
to do while blind such as being a professional track and field star or  finding
the cure for Alzheimer’s or cancer. Although I wanted these things for others I
didn’t want to be the one who directly help make this happen. I planned on
donating to hospitals and research. It wasn’t until 9th grade where
I realized instead of just donating I can actually be directly involved in
significantly improving someone’s quality of life, I could be the one to cause
someone to smile and cry tears of joy I could make a difference in someone’s
life. As Gandhi said “be the change you
want to see the in the world” and I decided
I was going to  do exactly that. Being an
ophthalmologist become my life goal and I hope to cure blindness and help people see again, I want to help find the cause for the various types
of blindness and help find a solution for it, I want to be able to perform
surgery on someone’s eyes in order to fix a problem or help them see much
better. I want to be part of a team that works towards improving people’s
eyesight and any problems or pain they might have. I want to help everyone from
neonates to senior citizens. I want to be there for people in the frightening
times of their lives. I want to give them hope and restore their lives back to
normal or enable them to live a normal life or even an extraordinary one. I want
to make their dreams come as their sight can aid their vision to come true. I want to be able to make people see clearer, restore their sight, and
prevent them for developing eye problems or going blind and treating them for
any problems or pain they might have whether medically or surgically. I think
the eye is the most important organ sure it might not be necessary to sustain
life like the brain or heart is but there’s more than life than just to life.
To me life is about capturing special moments following your dreams and doing
what makes you happy while being healthy and safe and the eyes empower and equip people to do these things. Without the eyesight surgeries
could not be done properly, new technology, devices and machines would not be
created and a lot of things very important things people use and need today
wouldn’t be invented or discovered and many things would not be done properly
or correctly.

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