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Why have you chosen this topic?

The trading of goods and services
through an electronic mean that also involved online support and payment
transactions covers the definition of an electronic commerce (E-Commerce), B2B,
B2C, C2C and similar opportunity help consumer preferences and consumer markets
developing electronic infrastructure for challenges of the future, the top
ecommerce sites like ( Amazon
Seattle, Washington, U.S., Alibaba Hangzhou,
China, EBay  San Jose,
California, United States, Taobao China, Tmall China, Filpkart
India, Walmart Bentonville,
Arkansas, United States, Uber USA  ) revolutionized the industry with their
disruptive approach of practicing business by exploiting an electronic medium ,
after the 2010 the rapid growth of fast internet services the trend of E-commerce
business goes upward, In India the ecommerce sales revenue is expected to
increase $52301 Million in 2022 that will be the 5th higher
generated revenue across the globe , after the revolution of 3G and 4G services
in Pakistan the graph of ecommerce trends proceeded upward on double scale as
compare to previous and is expected to grow with the same pace in coming years

Around 16.5 million Pakistani
went online for the first time in history between 2011 and 2016.
This Figure accounts to the overall internet users in the country. The arrival
of 3G Fast & 4GLTE in Pakistan has contributed a lot in
connecting people and increased the internet penetration from 3.5% to 15.7% just
in short period of 1.5 year. Pakistan among top 10 economies in
terms of its internet users. Pakistan Ranked 9th Globally for its Booming
Digital Economy-UN Reports.

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We have selected this
topic (E-Commerce in Today’s Business Environment because our diversified team
of professionals working in different professional environment in different
companies feels compatible with this and consider this topic as an constructive
document to be  that can help the  companies to utilize this knowledge to
optimize their E- Commerce domain in a more effective and efficient way, we
believe the précised content of this document and discussed practices of  leading companies across the globe  with 
clear processes and methodologies will be prove very supportive to
practice the same in local market, we try our best to select and discuss the
examples that are best matched with Pakistani market


In local perspective this topic will
provide the insights of best successful ecommerce practices worldwide that
would be prove as a scaling edge for corporate sector to identify, assimilate, transform
and disseminate the refined knowledge to reconsider their ecommerce practices,
this document can also be an inspiration for new emerging ecommerce sites
observing the success factor of world’s leading online business

Ecommerce is not a new thing to
us, our whole team is very well aware of this domain 

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