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The United States had many reasons to abandon its neutrality, and choose to go into the war on the side of the allies.It would be hard for a country to remain neutral and help out other countries; for example, France wanted America to help out their government by giving them a loan.Then, if France was to do well in the war and word got out that America helped them and that would make countries upset with America because they were suppose to be a neutral country, but they helped out the French. Document one has the same view.It is a letter from William Jennings Bryan sent to President Wilson.In the message he tells President Wilson of how the French Government would like to make a loan from Morgan Company of New York and Morgan Company asks if there are any objections to them doing this.Bryan says how this is not a good idea considering how America is a neutral country and how it would be difficult to maintain neutrality.The United States cannot enter the war and maintain its neutrality.
By America entering the war, they learned who there real friends were.When Americafirst entered that war Russia was an ally, but when the country was taken over by Lenin they dropped out of the war and also sent a bad letter to the American workers.Some excerpts from that letter is included in document three and in that letter Lenin talks of how America was in the war to gain wealth and how the money they gained is sullied with filth.Another message that was sent was not intended for the Americans to read.This message was sent from the German Foreign Minister to the Mexican government.The letter states, which is shown is document four, that if the United States goes into war that they well help Mexico take over land that once belonged to them.
Senator George Norris of Nebraska feels that the war is a bad idea because there are some people who want war just so they can have more money in their pockets.In his speech he g…

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