Adolf fighting in a war which lasted 6

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Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933. Only 6 years later, Germany was fighting in a war which lasted 6 years. Hitler was an evil leader, and this essay is to show why people voted for him in thefirst place.
Hitler joined the Nazi party in the September of 1919 and in 1920 he became its leader. In 1927 the Hitler Youth was formed, where young people were taught to obey Hitler. He then became chancellor in 1933. On the 5th March 1933, there was a general election. Because not enough people voted Nazi, Hitler put the 81 communist deputies in prison. He was then given the power to make his own laws. The Nazi party was declared "the only political party in Germany" on 14th July 1933 and on the 19th August 1934, President Hindenburg died and Hitler declared himself Fủhrer.
People voted for Hitler because he had the image of a strong leader and he promised good things for his country. His aims for the country were union of all Germans, Land and colonies for Germans, cancellation of the treaty of Versailles, reunion for Germany and Austria, to destroy communism, to overthrow Czechoslovakia and Austria and to defend and enlarge Germany. There were a lot of problems in Germany at that time, and Hitler blamed them all on the Jews and because he was such a good public speaker, the Germans were talked into thinking it was all the Jews fault. Hitler told the Germans he could get the Jews out of the country and all the problems would be solver so people voted for him.
The most important reason for people to vote for Hitler was their money problem. In 1923 the prices in Germany raised rapidly. This was called "hyperinflation". This meant their money had become worthless and many people became poor. Herr Neisse said: "The inflation, you see….. Suddenly we had nothing. With my savings, I was able to buy one cup and one saucer. Funny, wasn't it?" Hitler told the Germans that he could solve this pr…

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