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The Arab-Israeli conflict is a complicated spider web of events.It is an argument over who should have control over the land that is currently Israel.Both sides of the debate have valid points and very strong feelings about it.Israel, the Jews, feel that they should have the land because it was the land that was promised to them by God.Palestine, the Arabs, say that their ancestors, the Canaanites, lived therefirst and it should be their land.Many incidents have occurred causing the problem to complicate and escalate.Around the times of the World Wars are two of times that the disagreement between these groups came to a head.
Both of these troubled people have an ancient connection with the land that is now Israel.The Jews claim this is the land given to them by God, the land on which their ancestors instated a society based on Judaism, a land they could call home.They lived this way for some time, happythey had found the promised land.In 70AD the Roman Empire conquered the Jewish State, burning down their holy temple and ultimately pushing them out.A group of Arabs claiming to be natives to the land, the descendants of the Canaanites, took over the now deserted land, calling themselves Palestinians.Palestine also set up a culture and economy of their own.They got comfortable in this land and lived in peace for many years.When the refugee Jews began to come back, they were tolerated and there was still peace.It wasn't until Britain started to tamper with this delicate situation did it turn into an outright brawl.
During World War I, Palestine was an English colony with mostly Arabs.Jews were welcome as well but few chose to live there.In October of 1915 Sir Henry McMahon was sent on Britain's behalf to make a deal with Husayn, Palestine's leader (Goldschmidt, 201).The Husayn-McMahon Correspondence came to what Husayn thought, was an agreement that Palestine would be an indepe…

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